Letter from Cabinet Secretary to the Prime Minister


My most respected Prime Minister Lyonchhenla,

I am deeply honoured to be on the same delegation as Lyonchhenla to India and UN. Even if I have submitted personally my loyalty and dedication to you many times I have written this letter. Obama is speaking but he is nothing compared to Lyonchhenla, so I refuse to listen and I am writing.

Some years ago, I thought my carrier (sic) was over. But Lyonchhenla and the assembly MPs gave us five years again with the civil service act. Then when Lyonchhenla made me come to the Cabinet I realized you are my savior, la. Thank you from the deepest bottom of my heart.

My first year as secretary to Cabinet I have tried the best I can. My most memorable is the fights I have with ECB, RAA, RCSC and DHI on your behalf. These are organizations which does not respect the authority of our Cabinet and specially PM.

If only we can place people like Speaker Dasho Passang, Ambassador Dasho Tobgyela, Dasho Chang, Madam Damcho, Lyonpo Dago, Lyonpo Penjorela and Dasho Tobgyel Dorji BCCI in to these organizations, they will become great organizations. The civil servants below my level are young and not experienced. I am worried how they will work under Cabinet in future. Our young Bhutanese have no understanding and loyalty.

Excellency Lyonchhenla, I do not expect any soera la. I will serve my superannuation as your desire. Democracy has introduced great leader like you for Bhutanese and world people. When Lyonchhenla moves out of Bhutan for global works I will be humbled to serve where ever you go la.

I and family are at your debt.

Gratefully and most proudly as Bhutanese part of your delegation,

Your humble servant,


PS: Your Excellency Lyonchhenla’s speech on Friday will make world speechless with transfixation



This letter is from our series:

Letters from the lovers of democracy and nation.

They say if you criticize the DPT, you are against democracy and the nation.



Drukpa Kinley
This story from Drukpa Kinley

Drukpa Kinley, from the 1400s, is one of Bhutan's foremost saints and yogis. He was known for his crazy methods of enlightening other beings, which earned him the title "The Divine Madman".


  1. Is it true that the cabinet secretary was a boxer during his hey days?

  2. I hear that he was not only a boxer but a tail of JYT right from school, what do they say – a chamcha. You got to acknowledge that the person has consistently remained loyal to his master, and would put any dog to shame.

  3. Rohit Kumar Pokhrel says:

    He is the foolhe will do nothing for the commen people of Bhutan.He is the tail of the king of Bhutan.