Letter From Education Minister to His Daughter

Shakespeare of Bhutan
Dear Kanchee,

How is Sri Lanka when you have plenty of US $ in your pocket?

I hope you will maintain the same believe that your father is a clean man like many other people in Bhutan believe. Well, everybody thinks I can’t get dirty, so I played a clean game by sending you for MBBS on half scholarship and later declaring it as full-scholarship. Don’t worry; nobody knows the game I play. It’s clean.

Sometimes you are very difficult. You wrote so many letters asking for pocket money despite the handsome stipend in USD. Money is not the problem, but I don’t simply have the time to run to banks as often as you’ve wanted. I have letters to write; that’s the only thing I can do well as a minister. Therefore until you finish your MBBS course, I have designed a handsome annual package of Nu. 3,00,000 for every medical student, which mean Nu. 2.1 million for you in your seven years course. Are you happy now? See, now I don’t have to run to banks any more.

With so much money to dance on, I don’t think you can concentrate on your medical training, but don’t worry. By the time you return I will ask the corrupted health ministry to send a HA to teach you the basics of medicine.

Though your stipend can fund 100 HAs only one HA is enough to make you look like a doctor.

Ok kanchee, now I will have to stop here because I have to write letters. Otherwise people will think I am doing nothing as a minister. Please send me the latest Oxford dictionary if you find one. I have to use the strangest words to scare people and maintain my status as the Shakespeare of the East.

You loving father, who would do anything for you,






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  1. Hahaha kekeke, One of the most interesting letter I have ever read. The content is good as well as its style. The author snatched my idea…..

  2. Citizensconcern says:

    Haha…m getting drowned in such articles…keep writing

  3. Freedom Fighter says:

    he..he.. i was always wondering how she got full scholarship with the marks she scored.. good work author..

  4. Interesting letter….so keep on writing we really enjoy reading….

  5. This is one of most beautiful satire i ever read…..

  6. ya a good letter.

  7. Yep agreed with that….in the name of meeting the requirment of doctors he sent his daughter to sri lanka for MBBS and so many other who do not deserve the course, i ve a friend who was my class topper but she did not get MBBS because of her marks in the board examination. I ve another friend, again my classmate who was not so good at studies, i scored more marks then her. She is doing MBBS course in half scholarship. I also got MBBS course in half scholarship, but did not go keep in the mind my parents financial status. I am nor againts sending my other friend to a course which is considered as highese level in our society, but my friend who did not get mbbs deserve to were a white coat than the one doing MBBS. If this half scholarship system continous there will be a time when people will be afraid of taking the medicine prescribed by doctors. Who is going to take all these risk, lyanpo Thakur???