Letter From Vice Chancellor to Directors

Vice Chancellor Pema Thinley

Dear Directors and my old friends of the RUB,

We are required to submit nominations of University Teachers for recognition of commitment and excellence urgently. It is urgent because my second superannuation time is approaching and I fear that I may have to retire very soon and there will remain no post for me to preach my mindfulness and meditations practices. You all understand that I cannot give up this position of Vice Chancellorship easily, and therefore I am bringing this new idea with full hope from you and my old fellow mates to support me for another extension of my superannuation. Don’t worry my dear old fellow mates; although the name of the award sounds broad, I always have a hidden talent for setting criteria.

Once upon a time do you remember how I set the criteria for BIT course at Sherubtse? I am using the same idea here too. The Award will be considered under the following categories:

1. Long service
2. Outstanding academics

Look how smart I am to set category 1. It clearly disqualifies the present generation of young, energetic and competitive lecturers which many of you, my old fellow mates, have no match. No matter how much these young ones may be efficient in their teachings and commitments, I am wisely reserving the award for you my dear old fellows.

For category 2, we would like to ask the Director Generals/Directors of the Colleges as well as the Directors, Registrar and the Vice Chancellor of the University to nominate up to three persons using the following steps:

Step 1: Ask all faculty of the College to submit one candidate of her or his choice using the criteria in the attached form, to the Director General/Director confidentially. You have to fill the form with substantive evidences fulfilling each criterion. The nomination could be from your College or another College of the RUB.

Step 2: The Director and Deans to further screen and send three nominations to RUB Registrar before 12 noon of 12 December 2012.

See again how wise I am to set category 2. I am actually trying to make the nominations little bit open in step 1 including myself and then close it in step 2 by giving the full power to the Deans and Director at the college level. Don’t worry my old fellows they will listen to me whatever I say. Otherwise I will divert their posts to others or not pay their monthly allowances. Moreover in the attached form, I’ve set criteria on mindfulness and extra official responsibilities, which many of you, my old fellow mates, possess.

So my dear old fellows don’t worry too much for getting this award. Let’s raise our glass for this, “Cheers!”. Have a sound sleep and see you next time when you win the award. During that time I will arrange a grand dinner to cherish our past moments.

With warmest regards,


(Pema Thinley)

Vice Chancellor



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  1. Dear Author,
    Two criteria seems fine. Otherwise, awards can be given to all zealot without proven track record…
    But authority vested on Dean and Director seems a obstacle as you suggested… There should be community to evaluate the performance. Or why not passed out students have their votes?

  2. TheoSamGom says:

    This site is definitely run by some stupid people and a lot of ngolops must be laughing their asses at us reading about the most stinking shit that goodpath threw on the plates of us- the true Bhutanese.anyone who curses JYT and DPT will develop heart attack when JYT will be nominated for the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2013 because we will work hard for the New Economic Paradigm as the gift of this little Kingdom of ours to the world. Wai Badpath- what do you think can you do by sabotaging and hyperbolizing this trivial issues and spoiling the image of the government? Frankly – though you went to st. Stephens but JYT went long before you. He has seen much much more than you and is a suitable to be a leader for a much larger country and much more complesx economies. You are not even one tenth of what Dasho Karma Ura is and Badpath please never think of Mr. Rigden is equal to you. He is very farsighted and very smart. Who else do you seek to challange? Better get a better job, make some money and live happily. If you are not happy in Thimphu- come here in NYC, somehow – we will fix you a $ 10/hr job at a gas station for the night shift and you can share cold basement with one of us. You can also clean the toilet pot of the chilips and your GF from T.. can do be the baby sitter. .. she can work in the massage too…. we need some of that masssage after standing for so long. For keeping your hopes high you can get the powerball lottery ticket once a while and and day dream when a nado turns to you and asks for some newport for free “dude”. sometimes you can go to the chinese buffet and if you have luck— and if you are off the newyears eve- you can come along and joing the party. you can bring your T gf as it is all inclusive. If you turn out to be a good boy and survive this winter in $1200/month shared basement with some cold salads— you will have the fortune to meet the HPM next year — but there will be price for that too. So, Badpath- forget the cursing as “curses like chickens come home to rest”. if you don’t believe ask the Sherig Lynpo. WELCOME TO YOUR RESERVED BASEMENT – GIVE YOUR LIFE SOME GOOD EXPOSURE .YOU WILL SIMPLY WASTE YOUR YOUTH TRYING TO POISON THE EARS OF THE PEOPLE. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…. BHUUU.

  3. RUB must not have placed their ads in some papers. the writers r trying to get back for loosing business….wonder who has the time in the world to come up with such ideas and then write…or the writer is a rat within RUB.

  4. Same post TheoSam…..on different stories is boring to read. C’mon Gom, dont try to fool people this way. We, the people of Bhutan, know how we are being ruled and treated by the DPT.

    • This letter came true. It worked in a way it is written. Almost all the heads (directors, deans, etc) and seniors got the awards by nominating themselves. What a shame on them to make the awards valueless.