Open Letter From Vice Chancellor, Royal University of Bhutan

 Vice Chancellor Pema Thinley
Dear Friends (Ministers, Secretaries, Directors, and other official above grade 3),

This is the Vice Chancellor of the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) writing from my office. How are you? Here I am very fine; ever since I started mind training with the help of chillips I am feeling very focused and calm.

But as a father, the peace of mind is guaranteed by the well-being of our children. My daughter was crying so badly when she didn’t qualify for Bachelors in IT in Sherubtse College. She looks at me and cries badly, that’s when I realized what my daughter was suggesting. I was able to read her mind through meditation. I looked at her marks and found that her Dzongkha mark was good, and with the autonomy and authority bestowed on me as the Vice Chancellor of RUB I adjusted Dzongkha into the criteria for BIT course, which suddenly qualified my daughter into the course.

She was happy, and wrote to me later saying that her course doesn’t actually require Dzongkha at all.

Though I am not involved in sending Lenpo TSP’s daughter for MBBS in Sri Lanka with 62%, I can still be useful to many of you this winter with my adjustment skills. Since exams are near I thought I should send you all this reminder.

Thanking you,

Your faithfully,

Pema Thinley.



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  1. I am confused, regarding the scholarship awarded to the students?

    there seems to be a citeria, only students studing in Bhutan are eligble for scholarship ?

    Are Bhutanese STudents who study outside Bhutan eligible for the scholarship, if their marks merit it ?

    totally confused as the Govt seems to be treating Bhutanese students studing outside as second class citizens, when Bhutanese students go out to study, they make place for more students in Bhutan to attend school in Bhutan.

    like always, the govt in Bhutan seems to have a socialist attitude but practise capitalism,

    • i am uncertain whether you will get this or not, but i have a clarification.Bhutanese students studied outside have got equal rights and they are always given the opportunity. But before applying they will have to give DZongkha exam. i am of the belief that, by Govt. you actually meant our previous Govt. and not DPT, because scholarship was way back before 2008.

  2. Dasho also successfully sent his daughter to do PHD, at the same time, Dasho also managed to call back an officer before completinghis studies, just because he see Dasho while going abroad. The officer has to complete his studies in distance mode… what did i say… wait… ohh mix mode. Thats very kind of Dasho and his mindfulness approach.

  3. palden dorji says:

    he never was an effective person in his work and doesn’t really know what to do. But he is vindictive. He has denied people (whom he does not like )of their opportunity for further studies but sent his daughter palmo, a lecturer at RIM for Masters just after a year of service which is not in line with RCSC rule and ask the president of the QUT australia to employ her at the university and profess to be a poor man. He favoured a teacher who on his travel back from Sherbutse to head quarter asked his family to offer him a sack of rice at Toeb menchuna. The teacher was transferred immediately from Trashigang to Thimphu. I don’t know why he opted to be a teacher and has the audacity to say” Once a teacher, always a teacher.” His students will attest that he is a boring teacher in the classroom and speaks a broken english- No.” The ministry of education has suffered under his mediocre vision. But very lucky to be knighted with a red kabney even when the anti nationals were conspiring right under his nose at NIE Samtse in the 90s.

  4. Dasho Dr. Pema Thinley has got plans after plans. Now he is planning to slowly vacant the colleges under the RUB and convert them into meditation centers so that he gets enormous donations from chillips to run them. He is a lazy fox because he carried the same scraps of RCSC and does not want RUB to have it’s own set of guidelines. He frequently visits the colleges to give discourses on mindfulness and meditations. He never talks about the manpower, activities, and operational system of RUB. Neither he gives hopes and lights to the students while they are studying. His piece of mastermind made RUB to loose many of its efficient employees.

    However, in one of the recent meetings he has encouraged the Deanship by giving a monthly allowance of Nu.5000 and the reason for this is yet to be known to the other employees. He also tries to encourage the lecturers(with masters degree) to pursue PhD by rewarding them with a “one time double increment” upon successful completion of the degree. But the poor lecturers have no choice other than to give up this child’s game because they fear from obligations(3 times the duration of a PhD) and loosing their timely promotions after getting the so called Doctoral Degree earned through hardships. Many young staffs are looking for a greener pasture while completing their first time obligations. Nevertheless, there are old and dedicated staffs still hoping for a rainfall in the drought land of the Royal University of Bhutan.

    Where is the manpower and future of RUB? Let’s not forget the eyes of our younger generations looking at this peak of learning institution, the only university of Bhutan.

  5. Yeah Sonam is right about the PhD reward. Remember, this just one time double increment that comes around a total of Nu. 4500. A life times prize for a PhD holder. Henceforth this reward can be known as


    He thought that all PhD degrees are like his Honorary Doctorate and kept the prize very low in amount. This clearly sends a message to the world “Professors, PhDs and researchers are not required to function a university in Bhutan; a Mindfulness trainer is just enough”. It almost sounds like GNH is more important than GDP in Bhutan.

    In the meanwhile a lecturer thinks
    “Who the hell will opt for pursuing a PhD; after all I have to serve for 3 times the course duration; my promotions will be delayed; and ultimately I will get less paid than my Masters degree friends. Better I stay with the current package though I am earning not more than a school teacher’s salary. Students of RUB, I am sorry I will have a limited knowledge and skills for you”.

  6. Dorji Dendup says:

    Another update:
    Our Dasho has a relative in Paro College of Education who could not qualify for any of the degrees offered in Kanglung-then only college in the country. But Dasho desperately wanted his relative to pull up. To do that, Dasho introduced Dzongkha course in Kanglung and Dasho’s relative was enrolled there. But then with many knowledgeable and successful bachelors around, Dasho’s relative could not catch up even to mid level. Dasho again, with much concern, introduced Masters in Dzongkha at Kharpandi. What next. There aren’t my people in the country with Masters in Dzongkha through formal education. That ‘formal’ leaves monks and gomchens OUT. With Dashos relative having successfully completed degree and then Masters, there is less competition for him and both felt secured at lest for now. Smartly Dasho discontinued both the bachelors course in Dzongkha at kanglung and Masters in Dzongkha at Kharpandi.

    But what about ILCS?… successfully Dasho took that to at Taktse at Trongsa and managed to dilute Dzongkha Course with English, science, environment and sociology courses.

    Today Dasho Visits there and teaches mindfulness and meditation after having achieved all his goals. Hope Dasho’s niece and nephew’s wont bother Dasho to work on the strategies again…


  8. Anyone in the RUB can answer my question.
    Recently I got selected as an assistant lecturer in RUB and no one in the RUB explained me about my roles and responsibilities, neither in written document. Can anyone tell me what exactly I need to do in my college as an assistant lecturer? Because my title sounds weird to me, and actually my friend in US told me that it’s just a teaching assistant job and I don’t have to do the regular classroom teachings or lectures. He told me that I may have to substitute the classes of lecturers/professors and assist in correcting assignments and exam papers.

  9. Ask Pema Thinley, Ph D in manipulation…Otherwise he is not qualified to lead any organization…

    • Dear Seldrup,
      Ask Pema Thinley

      • There is another bullshit big elephant haap yangka, who know nothing only to manupulate the donor funded project for training (honey moon with his girl friend KT, a divorcee lady who is the only staff in yanka’s department which he is the Director). I wonder how the university will move forward with yangka heading the dep of academic affairs with KT as his kanchee.

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