Ministers VOLUNTARILY Forced to Return Land

For once The Bhutanese newspaper was pro-government along with the other papers. It says the ministers are “voluntarily” returning land in Gyalposhing.

Where is the volunteerism in villagers suffering, complaining for a decade, land lying fallow, anonymous complaint after complaint, constant official pressure to hush up the case for years, an Anti-corruption Commission (ACC) case being opened, PM acting as if he asked ACC to investigate, ACC finding the ministers guilty of official misconduct and requiring the return of the land forfeiting what they had paid. Where is the volunteer part in all this?

Then, Office of the Attorney General (OAG) is told to draft a report on the lines of the ministers’ press statements. Thus, the ministers are now innocent and they as innocent unknowing buyers of public land usurped from villagers and government projects, are now sacrificing their hard earned land for public good. So is that volunteerism for the elected leaders?

This volunteerism sounds like stealing, getting caught, asking your friends to provide an alibi, claiming innocence and then offering to return the stolen goods as a favour to the one who suffered the loss!

Verdict – The Bhutanese has not been bought by the government. But its reporters went to sleep on this one!

Palden Drukpa
This story from Palden Drukpa

Palden Drukpa is disgusted by this democracy farce in our beloved Bhutan. Palden Drukpa Gyelo!!!


  1. Longkaataang says:

    The Bhutanese journalists are silenced. The secret investigator heard that JYT being fed up of 10zing good path and not being able to completely silence him has found a place as he found for Karma Ura. After all JYT finds his fears from those who attended the same College St. Stephens. Once Goodpath is silenced the goondaraj of JYT will flourish in the country.

  2. Its an interesting piece of news highlighting my issues.
    1) Robbing things and voluntary returning to whom again: What is is process called- Voluntarism?

    2) Having found cheated and giving back: Its that a kidu or kindness?

    3) Some media says committee that allotted the land has done fairly: IF this has been done fairly- why some people whose land were pooled still receive anything and made complaints, petitions, compaints and petitions running from office to office.

    4. Where is the justice here: You grab a public property through manipulated procedures and return after 10-15 years without any penalty. Can we also do that please…

    5. A monk was imprisoned for possessing a few packets of baba, and the people found acquiring land (multimillion) through manipulated procedures get to announce ‘voluntarily’ with smily face – where is the justice.

    6. At times, we only remind that Death is the leveler and no one can bribe/favour either with post or position. Unfortunately there is also bureaucracy when it comes to rites at the crematorium.

    • “Unfortunately there is also bureaucracy when it comes to rites at the crematorium.”
      It is interesting but that rite finally seals the eyes of the living closing them for ever from repentance and correction of the deceived mass, the religion itself acting corrupt falling as possession of the corrupt….

      Now can we also get back our properties forcefully taken away as contribution for magnanimous project GNH? Could there be GNH without this exploitation and robbery? That would have been the true GNH inspiring every one at home rather than pretense of covering the stench of misdeeds with scented, clean sheet from the eyes of the international community!

  3. all said and done… highlight does reap results.

  4. The HPM has clarifed that the land at Galposhing was allotted by a committee and done as per law of the prevailing time, now folks are getting agitated, as the present rules does not allow land grabbing, even if the committee approves.
    So, In the sprit of GNH, the HPM as volunteered to return the land, announced it publically and even had the cabinet endorse it. now its a rule and that is it.
    The HPM makes so many sacrifices, eg Denchi in P/gatsel, where his Aunt suffered, he sacrificed his aunts land for the better good of the people of Pemagatsel.
    no one is complaining in PemaGatsel, so you good path and party always critize the HPM.

    let us support the HPM and make volunteerism a way of life in Bhutan,

  5. Eventually its not voluntarily but its in fact selfishness, i say this because they want something back in return, i.e. “the vote” to win the next forth coming election 2013 by DPT. Its so clear that even a fool can understand whats the intention behind doing these only at the end of their reign. Their doing for their own goods only, that’s why i say they greedy minded and corrupted.

  6. what this govt. should have done? They should have maintain an impeccable image by suspending those implicated in the case from the very beginning instead of issuing false statements and defending themselves in face of mounting public pressure. By holding to account any one involved in corrupt practices like it vice president. they should also have held RMA governor/finance minister held accountable for rupee crisis to set the right foundation and example for future govt but this govt has floundered on many fronts when it came to its own responsibilities and accountability including the lost constitutional case against the opp. party.

  7. The whole interest here is very much personal driven, but Royal Government at large shall be protected from all these mess. Remember, the problem with every one of us is fighting for vested interest and very much individual. At large Bhutan is been appreciated from every angle, we must know how best we capitalize on our merits…embrace what you earned and don’t try to discover something that we are never sure of…