National Day 2012

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The National Anthem of Bhutan

National Anthem of Bhutan

In the Kingdom of Druk, where cypresses grow,
Refuge of the glorious monastic and civil traditions,
The King of Druk, precious sovereign,
His being is eternal, his reign prosperous,
The enlightenment teachings thrive and flourish,
May the people shine like the sun of peace and happiness!



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  1. True Bhutanese says:

    Far away from Bhutan, I would like to join the group to sing this song and pray for the eternal peace and tranquility in the beautiful mother land of Drukyul.

    May people of my phayul rise up with the pride and dignity as it always used to be, and may every sentient being be happy!!

    Pelden drukpa Gyelo!!!!!!
    I miss you Bhutan!!!

    • As we unite to rejoice our sovereignty as a proudly happy nation, we do really feel from the umfathomable depth of our hearts that there is indeed no place like our home Bhutan. Thanks to our protecting deities, forefathers, the divine kings, leaders, countrymen and parents for creating this unique space.

  2. Hapy national day to all the bhutanese….i m proud to be a bhutnese…..missing my country…

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  4. The very day known as national Day is very special and great day for all the bhutanese, because starting from that day of the year people of bhutan came to know about the word UNITED, and enjoyed the great lives with drastical changes with modern education and development under yhe leadership of our great Heredatery Monarchy, prayers for long live our beloved Royal Family, King and our great Monarchy. With love and full dedication towards my TSA-WA-SUM, Lucky to be born in this very heavenly country.

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