Nobody Like JYT


GNH Citizen Kumbu is frustrated with too much bashing of Kidugi Pham Hon’ble PM. Here is to His Honourable’s defence:

DPT supporters’ latest stand about their leadership is this – Nobody can match upto Lyonchen JYT, no one can replace him, there is nobody more dynamic than the great Lyonchen JYT, there won’t be anyone who can match HPM’s caliber…….

Well you guys are right:

  • Nobody can matchup to his shrewdness, his cunningness, his selfishness, his ambitiousness.
  • Nobody can give a scolding like him. Nobody can threaten others like him. Nobody can demand others to submit to him like him.
  • Nobody can be as farsighted like him (look at the pedestrian day rule and how it ends up with his son-in-law supplying Chinese buses. How the government disallowed civil servants who got vehicle quota not to import high range vehicles but instead to import medium range vehicles and how it happens that these medium range vehicles are supplied by his son-in-law again).
  • Nobody can visit a foreign country as a PM and also promote daughter’s travel company at the same time (quite versatile I say).
  • Nobody can take care of their relatives like him (Denchi aunty case, Education City case, other nepotism case, etc) – puencha lu chaja bom du marey.
  • Nobody can lie like him with a straight face.
  • Nobody can be as efficient like him – vroom – Orissa-vroom – Thimphu – vroom – Iran – vroom – Brazil – vroom – Thimphu – vroom – New York – vroom – golf course – vroom – cycling – vroom – Lyonchenling – vroom vroom…
  • Nobody can be creative like him (GNH Ambassador for life post, Pedestrian Day rule)

We sure live in interesting times, don’t we?

This story from Kumbu

Kumbu was born in the GNH country, to GNH parents. While attending GNH School, he dreamt about working for GNH as a GNH officer. Now, happily married to GNH, he breathes and eats GNH. Kumbu is the GNH citizen.


  1. pedestrian’s day was never to save earth or energy. it was specifically introduced to promote his family business and the number of votes he collects from the taxi drivers.

  2. Nobody but JYT could have scolded the OL in front of a large group which included the OL himself; waitiing to greet the great leader at the Dechenphug Tsechu. People were all in awestruck by the passion of the PM, when he labled the OL as being unpatriotic, for the constant nagging, the PM recieves from him; for all the good he has done for the country.The people all nodded in agreement and said what a great leader and what a fantastic beginning for our democarcy, and that too at the feet of the great Gayngen Jhagpa Mila. Jigme Thinley Gyalo!

  3. Damchoe D. says:

    “PAIN”, did JYT create a scene at the Dechephu tsechu? He is so capable of doing that. I remember a particular moment at the Trongsa Dzong archery range where JYT demanded that OL bow down to him. How arrogant is that? You earn respect not demand it. Anyway, message to JYT, “Hail Hitler”

  4. its amazing he still living …breathing …and being a tryant …with no remorse whatsoever. i hope “realisation” will settle on him gently, so he has time to grasp all his wrong doings.

  5. Saddam gone! Gadiffi gone ! Hitler long gone !Ide Amin Also gone long time !
    When JYT gone?

  6. drukpa citizen says:

    Being a commner, citizen of Bhutan, I am totally disgusted by our PM’s shrewdness. He was put in power by the poeple though he claims, his victory was purely based on his success.
    i think he is flying on our druk air wings more than him sitting in his office seat here.
    Promoting his daugher, a travel company which seems to mint her dads power..its totally wrong even though they will never think of it that way.
    Being helpless in a aristoractic country rather than a democratic country, i wish him good life when everyone knows that their family awaits the door to newa for wishes for our PM n family.