Opposition Leader Is A “Ngolop” Says PM

Anti-national ngolop
The PM has termed the Opposition Leader a ngolop, more or less. That is a misguided and erroneous approach to democratic debate and consultations. The PM and DPT must not conduct governmental, parliamentary or electoral procedures on the basis of such high tempered and divisive lines.

An opposition party is quite naturally in opposition to government. Nothing “ngolop” about it. In fact a healthy democracy will see conflicting views emerge on many issues from within one party, let alone from the opposition or the NC or other institutions of government.

The PM is one part of an institution of democracy. He is selected by his party from among the people elected by constituents. He is not an institution in himself. He is neither inheriting his position from his parents nor is he a reincarnated PM. He has neither the divine nor the constitutional mandate to attempt to stand as the symbol of Bhutanese unity, security and sovereignty. That job belongs to a leader whose name is spelt differently from Jigmi.

Besides, if Opposition Leader is termed a “ngolop” just because he disagrees with the foreign policy approach then what about those who do not agree with other policies? Those who did not vote DPT and will not in 2013 either? ACC Neten because of Gyalpozhing? Tenzin Lamsang for articles in The Bhutanese?

Only the ministers are lovers of Bhutan? And that too, only when they agree with the PM JYT?

Palden Drukpa
This story from Palden Drukpa

Palden Drukpa is disgusted by this democracy farce in our beloved Bhutan. Palden Drukpa Gyelo!!!


  1. Maybe JYT believes he is K6. And Bhutanomics where is the open letter I wrote to you? Is it some kind of censorship from your side too?

  2. The BBS website link where Prime Minister indicates that Opposition Leader is anti national: http://www.bbs.bt/news/?p=19300

  3. pro democracy says:

    All you Bhutanomics people (anti JYT) will end up laughing when JYT returns to power in 2013. I am a civil servant with some authority to reach almost 20 dzongkhags and I will try my best to bring in back DPT because they are the best the country has no matter what….I am not very happy with the ped day but over all I am with them.

    • Citizensconcern says:

      All the best for your campaign.

    • Then pro democracy ur not nglop but stupid, one who does not know wat is right and wrong. You r blind, one who does not see what is happening to the country… Tomorrow if a leader u love sells n destroy this country u will be one person who would say they did right n bhutanese ppl deserve it… If i were u i would b ashame to say that i am a civil servant with some authority…

  4. this is an old way…..and they will need time time to change their mind set. This is bit too harsh from the man who professes to be a democrat, who vows to make our democracy vibrant and unique but cannot tolerate even a mild criticism from the opposition. So you can imagine how much freedom of speech we enjoy in democratic era under JYT.

  5. Tshering Norbu says:

    I pity both PM and OP. Without argument democracy is far from success. But the argument should not be like husband and wife quarreling in the kitchen. There has to be dignified and diplomatic arguments. I can’t say who is wrong and who is right. But as a citizen of Bhutan, I feel I must come up with my own opinion in order to medicate the ailing situations. Well what our PM think is “Participation is important than wining” while what OP think is ” Participate only if wining is guarrented “. PM is trying to uplift our small country to the level of other big countries while OP is concern about the little money we possess.
    Solutions: Since we hail from Buddhist country, we must not forget “ZEBA GOMNI”, The tolerance. Lets just forget what has gone wrong and see what has to be done correctly henceforth.

    • Another ill-informed view. Democracy is all about debates and opinions. There is nothing wrong in leaders fighting with each other with ideologies. This is day to day life in a democracy. get used to it. Don’t take it to heart man!.

      • Agree with zebra first sole the problems within then try with the foreign affairs in this era of mobile internet we cant hide the ongoing problems n win a vote like in bhutan which JYT knew as his blind supporters say bhutan is too small for him it was impossible to win but he went for eg lyonpo sangay ngedup did created a swiss bank account for the health industry where else JYT Opens his OWN PNB

      • What says i agreed…..

  6. we have a wrong guy in right field and thats exactly why the new parties are terming the old folks must resign,. Its high time he doesnot continue and linger around in politics as his age is prone to blunders and old are never alys gold

  7. Khairi-gonpa Kid says:

    Lyonchhen calling the Opposition Leader disloyal and unpatriotic is simply abominable! In the same lines, if the OL was all those then the PM’s remarks were petty, childish and unwarranted. It is as though he cannot accept criticism like a man.
    If the OL did not know the foreign policy, how does the government say when it has disregarded our relations with India by doing business with China (buying buses, don’t know what else) and messing up its close ties. The first point of Bhutan’s foreign policy I have always heard is that its relationship with India are the “cornerstones” of its foreign policy. If one cornerstone falls down, won’t the whole structure give away?

  8. Nobody said nothing, you are making a big deal. Making a world out of a mole. Stupid bhutanomics.

  9. In a democracy, evry body is allowed to say his piece, so the HPM is allowed to say what he feels, even if the whole country disagree with him! The rest of you calling the HPM unreassonable is also unpatrotic and bordering on being a Nglop !

  10. It is funny how the OL always asserts his right to criticize on all matters but is almost saying that it is unconstitutional for the PM to criticize him for once!

  11. One day a Bhutanese will start hating to himself or herself. This is the attitude of a typical Bhutanese who knows how to read and write.

  12. I am very saddened with this pape. This paper hardly publishes articles against OL and Ten Zinc Goodpath..what do you think… This is Oppostionics not Bhutanomics

  13. You should indeed be saddened Defox. The fate of JYT is yours too and the common man changing his side this time wishing all the luck and giving all the support for a single lady as the next PM, Ten Zinc Goodpath can not afford to write against the OL who is much better a man in essence than the over ambitious JYT who has screwed the country so bad and only time can reveal his conspiracies. what a laughing stock he is going to be in a few months. Just wait and see. He was complaining the other day that he has met opposition not from the OL but from his juniors at St. Stephens. namely Karma Ura and Goodpath. Karma could be silenced with the CBS position but JYT has not yet found a place to screw Goodpath. Because he is Goodpath, JYT could not ever silence Goodpath despite having a strategic discussion with RBP Major Namgay when goodpath blew the gyalpoizing as the Lynpoizing on the face of the public.All DPT horses must pack their loads now.

  14. This is one of the worst things wished to happen for JYT. Even Ngolops may not have wished it so bad for him despite losing their homes in the drama created by JYT. Hope it happens soon because i want to see that single lady as the next PM and i would try to be close to her. They are not going to take GNH out, therefore it will always be a warm meal at home for me.There are more corrupt bitches in DPT aiding this conspirator. May the nation rise in revolution to forever end the causes of devastation.

  15. The other person is a mirror to ourselves. How you judge other reflects our own nature. No one will give shit to what you ****kers write. No one will write, if someone did good. This is not going to harm anyone, nor will it benefit. It is interesting to go through, though.Keep shitting!!!

  16. I sincerely wish Bhutan should run a smooth functional democracy. The DPT is doing well except few MPs need to change in 2013. DPT should come back because the up coming rival parties are depthless except PDP. However, PDP should score more seats in the Parliament so that the balancing body could strengthen the Parliament results for the country and people of Bhutan. The egos /biases should be minimized. Discriminations post-election as present trend should be opsulately avoided. The people are force to vote but voting never discriminate please, they are all subjects of any power. Do not listen to rumours and go ahead with new elections. The people should look for the leader, choose your best candidates, leader comes out of good candidates. There is no dearth of leader. Do not expect only one or two leaders in the country. There are many. Goodness in nature will bring you a good leader under the canopy of our Kings. For instance if you clean the silver mirror, it will shine more.

    Kadinche – la

  17. Beware Bhutanese authors and readers of Bhutanomics , it is a commercial website for a different purpose targeting on something? I can already smell fishy things on this website. Let us not alienate ourselves to much by relying on Bhutanomics.

  18. Dear Churkam,
    Please mention the contribution of OL to Nation last 20 years of his career.

  19. Country Like Bhutan, I felt always lead by KING, coz. each and every 5 lots and lots of money will be wasted. like Car, Driver, Rent etc…….

  20. Do not defame human beings by giving irrelevant names in the internet. Give your name and show some identity so that your comments will be qualified for trust and confidence. Name such Churkam, Shits etc are the actions of cowards who did not dare to come out of dark cells. These are useless, really useless. These lots will run away when the fight really takes place.
    So, please be bold and brave with your words and facts.
    Thank you

  21. i voted for pdp in the previous election and i m not a ngolop….darnn you JYT….u give those big talks of GNH outside our country..IT’S LIKE YOU ARE RUNNING AN AD COMPANY AND MAKING A MOKERY OF GNH….