Prime Minister is Innocent

Jigme Y Thinley
Lyonpo Minjur and Speaker Jigme Tshultim suspended by ACC, suspension withdrawn by High Court.

The real headline for this announcement should have been “PM IS INNOCENT PROJECT”.

This whole farce is being perpetuated on the Bhutanese people by all institutions of governance, all for the sake of one individual. Jigmi Y Thinlay. Others will be humiliated, be sent to jail, lose their jobs but JYT will emerge as the humble, downtrodden, righteous man victorious against the dark forces of ngolops and anti Bhutanese.

The whole system is involved in this elaborate cover up. Lyonpo Minjur and Tshogpon Jigme Tshultim must understand that while they are important (their positions are) and they would normally be left untouched even for worse offences, here some people’s reputations have to be sacrificed for JYT to look completely innocent. They are expendable.

Normally the expendable group is the underlings, the junior officers. In this case, there is so much scrutiny, it is not enough to penalize them alone (the Mongar court will penalize them. Watch.) Some bigger bones must be thrown to the public and Lyonpo Minjur and Speaker Jigme happen to be at hand.

The public now feel that the ACC did everything possible including suspending two ministers. However, real impact of these events is that people feel JYT and DPT must be innocent since the court has overturned everything. Meanwhile, the people completely forget that the case has never even touched the PM, not from ACC’s side or from the court. The PM remains untouched.

Why would the entire state machinery be put to such elaborate machinations for one person? Just so he can stand for elections and win again?

The fact that so much importance is given to one man, who even with an election victory will be around for only 5 years, leaves much to ponder upon. The foremost question is that there are works in progress for an elite group which must be put into place within these few years. What kind of works?

1. Business projects such as the Education City, hydropower privatization, land laws amendment to allow big business and elite families to overcome land ceiling, dismantling of DHI, installation of key supporters in high positions, creation of big business houses on elite family lines, etc.

2. Diplomatic ties with China. The momentum has swung in this direction and cannot be risked. The general perception is that without JYT and DPT the move towards China will die an immediate death because public opinion is against any drastic policy change that might result in unpredictable economic or political events that might cause difficulties for Bhutanese, as had happened in Nepal in the past.

So if you want to understand why it is so difficult to implicate JYT no matter what mistakes he makes, it is not JYT alone. There are many institutions and people using and being used by him. The question we have to ask ourselves is “What are the short term projects of those close to JYT?” Then we will know why we are being taken for a ride against our will.


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  1. Good try, FM101, but no cigar. Your conspiracy theory just doesn’t hold water. You’re implying that there is a powerful clique which is in cahoots with the PM that wants him to carry on with such disparate programs as the projects such as the Education City and a string of vague assumptions as the privatisation of hydro power, dismantling of DHI, land ceiling, etc., and…cosying up to China? Man, what are you inhaling?
    I reckon the PM is Bhutan’s Politician No. 1 for sure. He has been plotting and planning and putting his pawns for a long, long time in as many of the key positions as he can. In fact many of them now have become bishops and knights and are riding horses to their castles. They will fall, many of them, with him and so it will be in their interest to see him continue to wield and dispense with power as only he can. But I don’t think they are in positions to call every shot to the extent you imply. Moreover, he has lost his sheen of nobility and patriotism and has been exposed as being just an ordinary bloke with all too human frailties – nepotism, greed, corruption, hypocrisy, arrogance, etc., etc. – in the last 4 years for everyone to see. So, he will probably win another term as PM – not because the people are fooled by him again but because they are unwilling to give someone untested a chance, unfortunately for the country.
    Don’t forget, however, that we have our Kings. Had it not been for them, he would crushed every branch of democracy and seized complete power long ago.

  2. Thinley Norbu says:

    Bhutanomics should create a “Like” button like in facebook. I want to press “Like” to MENDA’s comment. Good one.

  3. cacofonix is poison to the ears and mind. he/she has finally exposed the dirt and venom in his guts from which streams his unending vitriol.

  4. Bhutanomics is a shit.

  5. I too truly respect upon the article written by MENDA, other politicans desire to be the PM of Bhutan would be same like Deaf people watching movies, they can see the feature but realy cant catch the theme, thinking big is gud but best will be doing great same like PM JYT, so as far as we the true Bhutanese are concerned rulling Govt leaded by PM JYT had done a lot for the country and people and dont give a shit to those of unfaithful Bhutanese. Those people who think that they can do better then PM JYT will be just like as blind people watching movies they can hear but cant see what is happening realy. ( Once a very intelegent person saw blind person sitting on the step and begging, he assumed to be good and gave a blind piece of pape same size of money and told buy tea ok and the blind one replied thanks but first u go n bring me cup of tea with this paper so then i will, tell who was intelegent here ). Same to that let people talk rubbish about PM JYT and his party it will be difficult to defeat the right person to serve the country and people. Bhutanese people are not that much fool to be fooled by new politicans, nowadays even the blind begger can count the money n save for themself, if you all dont be believe just go near by Memorial Chorten you will notice one blind man infront of gate begging money and give him 100 Rs and tell him keep 90 and bring back the change, he will give you the exact money. How much u keep the stone inside water once when you take out of water it will naturally become dry, same like that the precious time those people are utilising to stop PM JYT and his party for next election will be useless.
    PM JYT is one of the respected person all over the world so he will be, but doesnot mean that opposition party is bad, i do respect the a lot, so to make our democracy stronger and stable, this two party have to be give the preference as rulling or opposition (VIS VERSA) no doubt on any one, Regarding new parties they are just running after title in their life.
    So we cant understand the sutations until and unless we get in to others shoe, But remember to wash your leg it might stink, ha ha ha
    Good bhutanomics does a great job, but some contributers of articles are quite useless ha ha hehe shi for those one who writes rubbish about opposition and rulling govt

  6. It is sad to hear and know that PM is dragged to many policy corruption cases. However, the justice prevails and make the people know about the truth. Just be patient and wait to see the outcome

  7. What bullshit?

  8. I agree that the Gyleposhing case has uncovered the “inconvenient truth” for DPT. Its top brass members – JYT, YZ, and WN – aside from the speaker and Lyonpo Minjur were implicated in this classic case of land grab (source: This unfortunately hurts the image of DPT, and I truly appreciate the boldness of ACC in this respect.

  9. If we all were buddha says:

    All Bhutanese are innocent and to rest of the world

  10. Concerned citizen... says:

    Yes yes pm is super innocent where a thief can first steal and then when caught giving the stolen items makes no sense…..

    • If we all were buddha says:

      @concerned citizen; thats only yourself and makes sense. PM is next to your own kings and he is just like GOD to you.