Report Card of MPs of the 1st Parliament

Bhutan village school

With the end of their exams and holiday season coming early next year, many of them will have to look for new schools, so report cards are being compiled starting October.

UPDATED report cards can be found by clicking this link.

Master Tshering Penjore

This child of Class 5 is an amazing case study. Only half way through school he seems to have the air of someone who has achieved more than he ever dreamed of. Villagers have said he comes home to brag about his educational qualifications to the older folk who havent been to school including his parents and grandparents. He carries a map of India and talks about how ignorant they are about places like Udaipur, Delhi, Goa as if he has been there.

He is so smug he seems ready to settle down in Class 5 for life and makes no effort to work to get to the next grade. A meeting with the counsellors coming from Thimphu next month will be needed to see why this child has no ambitions. My assessment is that in adulthood, he would make a good village representative such as Tshokpa or Gup. He talks a lot and has an important air about him but is quite dim. Actually he might make a good gomchen as well. At best if he can make it through college, he might make it as a teacher, a bad one.

Master Jigmi Y Thinley

This boy must have been adopted because he is not Bhutanese. I have never come across any Bhutanese child so ambitious, so engrossed in himself and so ready to say or do anything to get ahead of other children. I find he seems to be more focused on looking intelligent than actually working to excel in his exams. And he expects the high marks that others who excel get, because he thinks he has outshone them throughout the year. He likes to be the one who speaks when any questions are asked. And when we have important guests, we have to find a way to put him at the back of the class because he tries to win the attention of the VIP guest and ingratiate himself, ruining the entire interaction period for everyone. At one such function, I had to ask the class bullies to keep him in between them and prevent him from speaking. As a teacher I am ashamed to admit I resorted to this, but I had no option. On the contrary I was quite happy to see him crying after the class, his arms having been twisted behind his back by one while another put his tongue between a pair pliers!

This boy will seek the limelight no matter what reason it is for. If there was a beauty contest, he’ll want to get into it…, even if it was for girls…, like beauty contests are supposed to be! I hope this boy becomes rich enough to fund his fantasies of himself. Or by some miracle becomes a handsome hunk of a man who can then become a filmstar or some such celebrity. Barring these, I fear he will clamber over people, organizations, rules and systems to get ahead and may cause much discomfort and even tragedy for people who come into his path. I gave him a double promotion to avoid teaching him next year. Of course, he thinks he got it through his brilliance. That’s Jigmi. He lives in denial of his faults and truly believes he is whatever superstar he has imagined at that moment. He does not see the resentment of his classmates nor that he is a constant target of ridicule.

However, with such kids you never how successful they might become. See Paris Hilton.

Master Dorji Wangdi

Ever since Class 1 this boy has looked the same. He seems fully grown yet he should be growing. He looks mature yet he is a child. A very earnest boy always trying to please everyone at the same time. Even the bullies are tired of bullying him. He could teach Jesus how to “turn the other cheek”. He is hard working but lacks any leadership quality. He couldn’t inspire a starving stray dog to jump for a leg of fresh beef.

I think his sole career option is social work. That’s the only way people are going to take him seriously without being rude to him or bullying him. Or he could be a radio weather man which requires little emotion, inspiration or public activity.

Drukpa Kinley
This story from Drukpa Kinley

Drukpa Kinley, from the 1400s, is one of Bhutan's foremost saints and yogis. He was known for his crazy methods of enlightening other beings, which earned him the title "The Divine Madman".