Sangay Ngedup Challenges Jigme Thinley

Sangay Ngedup

Sangay Ngedup, the PDP founder issues challenge to DPT president in anticipation of 2013 elections. 

Bhutanomics has managed to get its hands on this letter. Reprinted in full. A disgruntled PDP leader currently in parliament (short hair) had crushed the paper and thrown it in the bin before breaking in to tears.

Dear Jigmi Thinley,

It has been four years – I have been building a new life after what you did to me. You stabbed me in the back by pretending not to join politics till the last minute. There was only supposed to be PDP and Dzongda Penjor’s party. You and Zimba and Khandu are really jackals.

Luckily my daddy gave me lot of work to do. My brothers were not happy but my daddy and mummy gave them ultimatum to stand by the family in hard times. It took me four years to make the money to pay back all of PDP loans. Only four years and I have always been government big shot but never business man. Imagine how much I can make in ten years. In fact, Bhutan’s main problem is the economy and with my hidden talent (now blooming) for business, I think I am the best PM to revive Bhutan’s economy.

I am ready for 2013. While you are looking very old and ugly because of too much aeroplane air conditioning in jumbo jets, I am younger than ever. My hair is grown. It is lies that I had transplantation. It grew because of the temperate and tropical climate of Punakha and Phuentsholing, and because I did not have the stress of looking after the country which I had been doing for so long before 2008.

I have also got the common man’s touch now. I stopped talking to everyone I knew after losing elections to that joker teacher. I also avoided all the government people who came to see me. So I was left alone with the businesses given by daddy to me. I came to know Ap Daw, Thikadhar Madan, forest rangers, tourist guides, truck drivers and momo shop owners. In Jaigaon I have friends in all the hardware shops and my barber is also from there. His name is Nirmal from Nepal and he works in Hair Beauty Salone and Message Parlar. I think the spelling is wrong but he is the best haircutter for my hair. Every month I comb it once and cut 1 millimeter at the tip.

What I want to say is that I am very much in touch with common man. Common man really killed me with his internet posts in 2008. Now I have met him and we are friends. So in 2013, there will be no gossip about me. I will beat that joker teacher or his twin brother the joker NC chairman whoever. I will beat you. I am watching the US presidential debates and practicing also. I am writing this so your heart will pound in the high altitudes of your holiday resort.

Jigmi, you have the PM’s chair, the foreign travel, GNH, all the chamchas who deserted me, cars, business, wealth and power. What do I have? I have hair. As I write this I have asked the driver to speed up and left the window and sun roof open. My hair is flying in the wind. When was the last time you had that feeling?

Stop hiding in the mountains after a thrashing in the UN vote. I got thrashed in 2008 and I stayed hiding in Punakha and Phuentsholing. You are running into the mountains. Chicken shit.

My gun is loaded, the sights are set and you Jigmi are in the cross hairs.

Give my love and this photograph to your wife Rinzi darling. She will always be my first lady.

In anticipation of a new outcome in 2013,

HE Lyonpo S Ngedup
Vice-President of the Damchen Multinational Company

cc: Tshering Tobgay Massive. Bring my patangs back and call a meeting for next month for all candidates.

Drukpa Kinley
This story from Drukpa Kinley

Drukpa Kinley, from the 1400s, is one of Bhutan's foremost saints and yogis. He was known for his crazy methods of enlightening other beings, which earned him the title "The Divine Madman".


  1. Dear Bhutanomics,
    Please leave Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup alone. I am pretty sure he will never dream of coming back again. He single-handedly beat PDP in 2008. Please let him be.

  2. Dude…. Yous a classic!

    S Ngedup!!

  3. Sangay Nyedup, please come back and prove whos the daddy!

  4. If he come back, then he will once again doomed…

  5. Seems quite interesting, but is it really true?

  6. Pl come back and give a try once more if you raelly care for the rural flocks. At this point of time, although there are many new aspiring parties, but seem no senior officials are brave enough to challenge the DPT. We hope people of Punakha request you to comeback for 2013. I am sure this time round people may change their mind. They have seen what DPT is capable of. There are many people who feel you should give one more chance to the people of Bhutan.
    After all you are not a ngolop, and there is no reason why people should not vote for you.Although there were many threat and misleading allegation by DPT in 2008. they have not brought even a single case against you. On the other hand DPTs Ministers are involved in many land scams. Pl think and come back. We are for you la.

    • The stark difference between supporters of DPT and the supporters of PDP, if this was a thread on JYT, we would have loads of PDP people writing crap about the PM, here, not even one DPT supporter writing anything about the former PDP president.

  7. Kuridhozhi says:

    its really intresting…keep it up BHUTANOMICS

  8. i had missed a very big n golden opportunity to vote for PDP during 2008 election.It was because of my age.Now i am ready to vote for PDP for upcoming election.Lyoenpo Sangay Ngedup we all young Bhutanese are ready to support you and your party PDP.As a young blooded and as a educated we know who can serve our country in best and simplest way.Lyenpo u had done a great job in the LAND OF THUNDER DRAGON.WE ALL YOUTH OF BHUTAN REALLY APPRECIATES YOUR WORK.KEEP UP.WALKING A EXTRA MILES FOR AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT AND MOVE FOR HEALTH FOR ALL THE PEOPLES IN BHUTAN.SO WITH THIS I WANT TO CONCLUDE HERE BY SAYING DAT ALL DPT MEMBERS ARE GETTING FREE HEALTH CARE.IT WAS A OUT PUT BROUGHT BY LYENPO SANGAY .MIND U ALL AND ESPECIALLY JYT AND THAT JOKER LOPEN TSHERING PENJOR.

  9. There is no use crying over the spilled milk. Lyonpo Sangay, please don’t back. People of Bhutan are not to be trusted. They are so ungrateful. They like sweet talks more than health trust fund and walking the extra mile. Just enjoy your rejuvenated life with hair regrown and youthfulness regained.