Speaker Jigme Tshultim Pleads Not Guilty

Jigme Tshultim

In his opening statement to the court yesterday, Speaker Jigme Tshultim said he was not guilty of official misconduct and other charges, Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) pressed against him.

The speaker, as the land plot allotment committee chairman then, was accused of forgery and deceptive practice, sale of government land and illegal registration of plots.

Presenting his statement at the Mongar court, he said that, as a representative of the (fourth) King, and serving the Tsa-Wa-Sum (King, country and people) as the Mongar Dzonda then, he did everything in accordance with His Majesty’s Kajaa (royal command), and that he did not violate any law.

He said ACC had questioned him twice regarding the case, and he provided the same response that all land allotments were done in accordance with the King’s Kajaa through Dzongda Chechab (zonal administrator) then.

Every Dzongkhag town land allotment then, he said, was done in accordance with Land Act and King’s Kajaa in 1991 through Dzongda Chechab that granted Dzongdas the authority to take initiative for allotment of land in their respective districts.

“It’s not against any law of the country,” he said, adding there was no reason for ACC to suspend those involved in plot allotment, when it pertained to a different time.

“It was during the time of monarchy and there was no questions or disagreement from the King,” he said, adding it all happened 13 years ago, and retrospective probe and application of law was not good for the future.

“There was no ACC Act then,” he said.

He said it would demoralise civil servants from taking decisions in their works for public benefit.

He also said landowners, who owned plots then, were paid in accordance with the rules of the time.

The speaker questioned ACC’s authority, which, despite Office of the Attorney General finding no legal basis for the case to route through the court, decided to do so on its own.

He said this case should have been dealt with by the Land Commission before it went to court. “If land commission is unable to solve the problem, then the case should be forwarded to the court,” he said.

The speaker also said that, during his time as Dzongda of Mongar, there were no proper buildings and structures in all commercial areas of Mongar. To hasten development, he said, he allotted land, not just in Gyalpoizhing, but that, as a representative of the King, thinking it would benefit the people in rural communities, he also allotted land in Kilikhar, Dremetse, Yadi, Lingmithang, Singor and Mongar town.

He said around 200 plots were allotted then, because of which people were benefiting today.

The home minister, who also chaired the plot allotment committee between 2005 and 2006 as Mongar Dzongda, was also charged with sale of government land, illegal registration of plots and official misconduct.

His opening statement to the court is scheduled for December 31.




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  1. Great tactics dragging in HMK4. Jigme Tshultim make it sound as if the King asked him to sell land to JYT and gang. Jigme Tshultim is obviously coached by his master JYT.

  2. if we apply according to speaker’s statement on Constitutionality, retroactive compliances and locus standing, people can be corrupt and be rich by their act before establishment of ACC because they had a privilege knowledge…….it is left upto the judiciary how they interpret it and if judiciary do like in the suspension order…..then….

  3. it is sad to know that Speaker have not defended any of the charges.

  4. Yes, the head of the government at time must be aware of that….. This case is going nowhere because ACC has no authority to do… People who bring issues should know Gyelposhing was only bushes…..nobody wanted that because i was there…

  5. Guys let us be practical! u may hate this man for whatever reasons one may ve but the fact is, i am sure all must ve known when he made that allotment. Whether it was done legally or not is yet to be proven in the court but it will be certainly be stupid and foolish to assume that higher authorities might not have known about it that time….

  6. I also know that Gyalpozhing was once upon a time known to be a place of ghosts and demons. People at all walks of life had never dreamed of becoming the land of ghosts and demons a big issue in the nation. wow wow wow…

    Better beware if you have already own such kind of lands somewhere else.

  7. This guy is the real ngolop!

  8. JT is the most crooked guy with crooked mind, there is a reason why he is dragging HM K4. He thinks only K4 can save him from going behind the bar because couple of Royal family members also received land in Gyelpoishing. In my opinion, Royal family should have immunity in such cases. ACC should have given serious thought before publishing Royal family’s names. Now this guy will take full advantage of the situation.

    • these people are the ones who made decisions and made positive changes and now other useless people like pema who are useless and good for nothing are trying to politicize and trying to gain political mileage…..I ve faith in our judiciary and i am sure they will tell the truth!!!……for people who wants these guys downfall,…wait and watch!…these guys are strong in their constituencies and their political political opponents are trying to misinform and defame these guys………..

  9. Why do we worry for this gyelpzhing case at all. It is nothing a case to me because there are 101 such cases if at all to be backtracked and tried. I am much for larger corrupt cases like bhutan Lottery and so on where billions of money is siphoned. Since this Gyelpzhing case alreay tried in Mongar Court wait for the judgement to come later. I am atleast happy that both Speaker and home minister are made to appear before the court for the hearing in person and that in itself must have demoralisation effect already felt by these two guys.

  10. Foreign student says:

    One should be aware of the fact that this story first broke in business Bhutan where the brother of opposition leader is part of management and was timed with his tour to the east.
    One should be aware that the media houses are in control of the political parties and is biased and unfair.
    How else would one explain the fact that JYT had informed the people about the impending rupee crises and had wanted to raises taxes (which no sane populist government would do!) And had lost the case in court but yet we find all the media houses keep mum about it but you will have noticed the comments and so called indepth anyalitical articles which categorically states the govt was not aware of the impending doom.
    Critism is good and seems to be the fashion in this first democracy, where our intectuals try to out do their companions with witty anecdotes but fashion changes too and it might be time for ratiional critism to bloom.
    Palden Drukpa Gyelo

  11. Beware beware, nation is most important. Ask any Sikkimese or Tibetans. We were betrayed from within long before foreign armies took over. And as a Sikkimese I see it playing out in the last sharing la . Beware Drukpa we denzongpas are no more and for entertainment you ministers are being to look bad and by whom . Read between the lines sometimes those who act like your champion will turn out to be the traitor like our kazi in Sikkim. Who convinced my parents the our Chogyal was bad. And destroyed the names of other ministers but when in 1976 we woke up to be Indian citizens we found our champion was the traitor.