Tenzing Lamsang can Never be Jigme Y Thinley

Tenzing Lamsang and Jigme Thinley
This site is definitely run by some stupid people and a lot of ngolops must be laughing their asses at us reading about the most stinking shit that goodpath threw on the plates of us – the true Bhutanese. Anyone who curses JYT and DPT will develop heart attack when JYT will be nominated for the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2013 because we will work hard for the New Economic Paradigm as the gift of this little Kingdom of ours to the world.

Wai Badpath – what do you think can you do by sabotaging and hyperbolizing this trivial issues and spoiling the image of the government? Frankly – though you went to st. Stephens but JYT went there long before you. He has seen much much more than you and is a suitable to be a leader for a much larger country and much more complesx economies. You are not even one tenth of what Dasho Karma Ura is and Badpath please never think of Mr. Rigden is equal to you. He is very farsighted and very smart.

Who else do you seek to challenge?

Better get a better job, make some money and live happily. If you are not happy in Thimphu – come here in NYC, somehow – we will fix you a $ 10/hr job at a gas station for the night shift and you can share cold basement with one of us. You can also clean the toilet pot of the chilips and your GF from T.. can be a baby sitter… she can work in a massage parlour too… we need some of that massage after standing for so long.

For keeping your hopes high you can get the power-ball lottery ticket once a while and and day dream when a nado turns to you and asks for some newport for free “dude”. Sometimes you can go to the Chinese buffet and if you have luck — and if you are off the newyears eve – you can come along and join the party. You can bring your T gf as it is all inclusive.

If you turn out to be a good boy and survive this winter in $1200/month shared basement with some cold salads — you will have the fortune to meet the HPM next year — but there will be a price for that too. So, Badpath – forget the cursing as “curses like chickens come home to rest”. if you don’t believe ask the Sherig Lynpo.

Welcome to your reserved basement – give your life some good exposure. You will simply waste your youth trying to poison the ears of the people. Enough is enough.



This story by TheoSamGom first appeared as a comment for JYT – The High and Mighty!


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  1. Well written but the author seems to be living in basement in NYC and she says she will work hard for New Economic Paradigm. The clear picture drawn from Author’s writing, She is working for Lyonchen, oh the lady attaché D… C….n.

    The author also landed up insulting those living in NYC and claiming to be one among them. How can a dirty b…. write all these stuffs. Just because of you the author, we bhutanese will never prosper in life. Accepting every goons as our leader and letting them play every ball (No ball, Wide Ball, Two balls).

    Please let Lamsang do whatever he wants.

  2. Oh i finally get to see goodpath in person lol. Not a badlookin chap at all 🙂 .

  3. Sad worker from Bhutan living in cold basement and eating cold salad… it’s an outrage that you guys can’t live in the warmth and generosity of GNH spread so diligently and magnanimously by the HPM during his frequent trips aboard.
    Maybe the HPM will leave some of his DSA money with you on the next trip to NYC so you can buy warm clothes and food.
    It is only logical that the HPM be nominated for a Nobel Prize – after all he is the number one man in Bhutan who has made all the difference, everything Bhutan has achieved is because of him and his original thoughts and schemes only. Just make sure he gives you more than half the money that he wins with the prize so that you can buy a real home in NYC.
    Being a Nobel laureate will increase the HPM’s clout and influence over President Obama, who in turn will give you the green card that you so desperately need. Don’t waste your time in some goodpath, cuz the only path you need to follow is the path to get the HPM nominated and win the Nobel Prize in Economics. Get out in the sun from your frozen basements, stop sitting of any kind (babies, houses, grannies and uncles), stop massages of any kind also, and filling gas and egos too.
    Bhutan is rooting for the sad worker in NYC to eat good food in a warm home in NYC, and have his/her lips permanently kissing HPM’s behind. That will make a good photo to hang on the wall over your fireplace.

  4. I can understand why Goodpath owes no allegiance to the country, the King, the government and the people of Bhutan. He is after all a Tibetan. I can also sympathise with him for his twisted sense of right and wrong given that he suffered abuse as a child in the hands of his maternal uncle. But what is the excuse for those of you who claim to be Bhutanese to speak so badly about our government and the country?

    Please remember – it is easy to talk and that too anonymously.

    • This comment from Sonam T sounds suspicously like it was lifted from the life story of Milarepa. What do Lamsang do next – Oh i know he did some black magic and was repentant and so he ate nettles turned green and gained enlightenment 🙂 .

  5. and ya JYT can NEVER be Tenzin Lamzang….for me i think he is doing good thing ,rooting out corruption from the country…

  6. On scale from one to 20, Tenzin Lamzang is on zero while JYT is on 20…

  7. Both JYT and TL are each doing a great job at what each is supposed to be doing.
    Lets not get personal about one’s ethnic back ground, religion or which linguistic group he or she belongs to. That smacks of racism.

    Lets us stick to issues – not individuals.

  8. The only person who deserves a noble prize from Bhutan is our one and only K4 and none else.

  9. JIGME Y THINLEY is the SLY FOX living in bhutan and poisoning the innocent minds of the people like the authors…wake up buddy…come back home and see what ur daddy is doing to the people that trusted him…

  10. JYT is sly fox thats why he was awarded every scarfs and medals there by their majesties….. come on deukpa, wake up….

    • Yes he has been taken care of and nurtured by their majesties but seems he is indirectly hinting and seems at times working not towards them…..this is what is not good mena…….

  11. The murkier ur thoughts the deeper u sink!

  12. No new analysis since it all grew up with an individual for and against that person. Dont waste your valuable time. Use it for other purposes.

  13. the author seems to have chamcha of DPT government, but i never heard of Lamzang being straved for grasses for his three day meals. world is always oval for every qualified and competent people and flat for those like author being parasite to JYT. being born free, must love to live free, and prepare for good dying.

  14. Jamyang Y S says:

    It is neither Tenzin’s fault nor Jigme’s. It is the fault of the people like you and me, literate but not educated, the ones who had the chance and the ones who still have chance to change the system. It’s us who voted for Him and its us now who don’t want him, it’s us who wants the system to change but its us who are the system. The best thing I suggest would be to change ourselves so the system would change…we Bhutanese are not critical but we are cynical, that’s what keep us bogged down…we are the change and change is us.

  15. This site seems to be only making fun of the country and it’s people. Regarding Lhamzang, this guy has no loyalty to Bhutan. Many of you had not been born I guess when the Tibetans in Bhutan tried to topple the monarchy. Lamzang must have heard these stories from his parents, so dig deeper and it will stinks before passing judgement.

  16. Author for the title “Lamzang can never be like JYT”.
    The author is one of the beneficiary of that weak and feeble old man. Sure Lamsang can never be JYT but better if not the Best. Knew you not Sir Ugyen Wangchuk who brought home the trophies and the word “BHUTAN” still holds its space for the citizens. And JYT I suppose rides on others feet to claim he is wise and pretends that he does so much for the country. Hell,,,go to hell.
    Samurai! Lamsang is Tibetan but what abt JYT? Is it JYT who brought the country a name Monarchy?

    I and we believe in our popular 5 kings but rather forget those high head ministers who are all good for nothing.

  17. Silentobserver, I could not understand what you are trying yo write or say??? If Bhutan ceases to be a country, Lhamsang has a place to go to like Dharamsala, US, Europe and live among his kins. If it happens to us the true Palden Drukpas,we have no where to go. We only know Bhutan and our culture. I hope you know what I am saying.

    • Samurai! Lhamsang is what he suppose to be but its no use of him comparing to JYT,,,any comments? It has been 5 years now living under DPT,,,Nothing better but worse than anything,,,And Samurai,, do you really mean Lamsang would be the next PM like JYT who wants to gain power through name and fame of the country already introduced with GNH. Gyelyong Gaki Pelzom superseded with Gyelyong Nyering Pelzom within a tenure of 5, mind it plz.

      • Sheraab says:

        PM JYT must be doing something right to attract all the NEGATIVE THINKERS to oppose him. No matter how much you try, the true citizens of Drukyul shall not fall into your evil trap.

  18. Bhutan can do without prejudice to races, after all this country was built largely by immigrants and refugees – one of which was Zhabdrung (a tibetan) in the 1616. This is a fact. Have a little respect for a race and culture that we share deep roots with. Tibetans including the Dalai Lama are forced to live in exile. No one wishes to be a refugee esp in this day and age. It is not a crime to belong to the tibetan race, and if most drukpas care to trace back their ancestry, it will go to tibet. Xenophobia is not a good thing to have in a globalized world. Bhutan welcomes the nurturing it gets from caring and daring citizens like Lamsang, and many others who take it upon themselves to get rid corruption and diseases like nepotism and complacency. They are the true Drukpas!

  19. i agree >)

  20. Drukechelon says:

    the Nobel Prize for Economics lo ha ha ha ha ha r u trying to kill me ?

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