Suggestions for Thimphu Tshechhu

Thimphu Tshechu
Now that Thimphu Tshechhu is here, perhaps the authorities can see to the following:

1. Umbrellas and caps are not allowed into the Dzong courtyard. This is all right as the practice has been going on for many years. Tshechhu goers cannot shield themselves from rain or sun. But should the police disallow sunshades and dark glasses too? I have seen our police telling people including tourists to take off their sunglasses. Is time for rules to be clearer on whether or not we are allowed goggles or be subject to the harsh Autumn sun and susceptible to cataracts.

2. We all know how much rubbish is generated during Tshechhus and public events. There should be dozens of trash bins all around and inside the Dzong. Bhutanese people’s habit being what it is (not just
village folk but the urbanites too), need someone else to clean up our rubbish. Authorities should announce repeatedly to public to throw their empty water and juice bottles, corncobs, sweet wrappers, doma papers, chips and snacks packets, cucumber peels, and leftover apples and pears, and all other rubbish into the designated bins. Defaulters should be cautioned and reprimanded accordingly.

3. Are Atsaras forgetting their mandate and losing their way? As kids at a Tshechhu we used to laugh and enjoy the antics of Atsaras. Atsaras traditionally have the important task of giving the timing to the mask dancers during long items and fix up a dancer’s attire when the need arises. However now the Atsara’s role has been relegated to a beggar in disguise who goes about pestering the audience for money. It is really embarrassing for us to see our Atsaras incognito behind a mask often going after a tourist asking for dollars.

4. Lastly, doma, being our national past time after archery, I guess we have to tolerate doma-chewers. But doma-eaters should take care of their doma spit and not spit in- discriminately. Besides watching where they spit, they should be told not to smear lime (tshuen) on walls and pillars. Above all, they should not spit in basins inside toilets. Thank- fully we now have manned bathrooms and toilets to relieve ourselves during emergencies. Of course the Dzong authorities should see to it that there is running water in the toilets!

Happy Thimphu Tshechhu to all!

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