10 Things You Didn’t Know About Druk Air

Druk Air

1 – Druk Air CEO Tandin Jamso and General Manager of Ground Operation & Catering Division Tshering Penjore (TP) are co-owners of Thimphu Primary School. Tandin Jamso and TP are brothers.

2 – Druk Air makes regular unscheduled flights to Bagdogra to pick-up and drop children of CEO & his relatives. These children go to elite schools in Darjeeling and Kalimpong.

3 – If you are remotely associated to the CEO, you are automatically upgraded from economy class to business class. All relatives of the CEO have been traveling in business class for years without paying the full amount.

4 – Parents of children studying in Thimphu Primary School have to pay for their snacks (“airline quality food” boasts the school). The snack is in-fact in-flight snacks served on Druk Air. Thimphu City garbage collectors will tell you that they collect a lot of food packages that says “Druk Air”.

5 – If you aspire to be a Druk Air station manager, you better suck-up to TP.

6 – Cabin crew duty rosters are made by the captain of the flight, hand picking their favourite stewardess. Most pilots have a stewardess who does more than just attend to the passengers.

7 – All cockpit crew have been given iPads & laptops. Pilots can be found playing Angry Bird & Candy Crush after setting the aircraft on auto-pilot mode.

8 – Ticketing agencies outside the country are paying handsome kickbacks to the CEO & his brother for every ticket sold. Besides other goodies, these agencies send luxury cars to pick them up from the airport when they travel (frequently).

9 – CEO Tandin Jamso has plans to start a noodle factory and a hotel as FDI. To smoothen the government procedures Karma P Wangdi will be quietly sent as Singapore station manager. He is the nephew of Sonam P Wangdi, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

10 – Druk Air has shifted their Thimphu office from Changlam to Dechen Cottage in Hongkong market. Dechen Cottage is owned by TP’s wife.


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  1. kingdom in the clouds says:

    It is common knowledge that some are made to cough up payment for excess baggage even when the limit is exceeded by a couple of kilos, whereas many do not pay a single chhetrum for theirs. With Drukair there was never fairness in ticketing, confirmation, neither in appointment nor recruitment. Till last year Drukair tickets were the MOST EXPENSIVE in the whole world. I do not know now but back them we had to spend hours and hours when it did not have any one answering their phones or answering emails.We had no say whatsoever as it had the monopoly then but thank God, we have competition now. I am willing to rethink my alliance and support to the government corporation and go for the private carrier if it goes on taking a ride at the expense of the country. Drukair is the National Carrier for crying out loud! Thank you Bhutanomics for bringing this out into the open, not that we were not aware of its modus operani.

  2. Source?

  3. Ata kharsa says:

    This is nothing new as it has been happening for years. Why would Druk Air not go under heavy losses, because the relatives of these people do not pay the full fare nor pay for any baggages that they bring in bulk from Thailand and India. While at the same time, this modus operandi is going on no one seems to pay any attention as to why the only National Airline cannot make money despite the fact that there are many travellers now, which I believe is increased by ten folds. ACC should send a team to investigate on these two brothers so called personal airlines the National Carrier Druk Air.

  4. This is credible, needs a legal investigation into it… ACC … r u sleeping?…….

  5. Druk Gyalo says:

    what a corrupt people we have in our beautiful country, we really need to wake up and take serious actions towards these people.

  6. Unkel Pann says:

    LOL this is a well known fact – except for the part about the air stewardesses. I guess the pilots arn’t the only ones handling a joy stick.