Corruption From The Top In NCWC

National Commission for Women and Children (NCWC)

Dear Aum Phintsho,

I’ve completed all the paper works, so meticulously (Audits will not find it), for your “double” DSA money for your upcoming visit to Denmark in the first week of March 2014, and you’ve just approved it for yourself. Good job, Madam Director General! Your can take 20% of the money now and rest you can claim when you come back as you actually don’t need it in Denmark. You are fully sponsored by DIPD in Denmark, including your DSA. You know it but since you and I believe RAA will only audit our internal paper works (which are flawless) and won’t think about asking DIPD Denmark, this is our “back-scratching” opportunity. Take it, Boss. Just don’t give email address of DIPD Director to auditors, lest they email him and comes to know that you are given full DSA by them. Then it would be a shame a Director General of RGOB and Dy. Chief Adm Officer knowingly hoodwinking our own RGOB. Also stay away from another Aum Phuntshok (of BNEW), who is helping DIPD to arrange your visit to Denmark. Just block her email address in case if she suspects and asks. Most importantly, be very careful in taking out “extra” money from your pocket while in Denmark because you are accompanying Lyonpo Dorji Choden to Denmark and unlike you Lyonpo is not taking anything from the RGOB as everything is paid for by DIPD in Denmark. Moreover, she was one of the commissioners of Anti-Corruption Commission before. So I am getting nervous, but I know you are slowly learning to be corruption expert like me. I’ve taught you as you came to NCWC after me.

Just to update or recap, following are our other success stories, mostly mine though:

Me scratching your back:

– RCSC did not approve your promotion from Executive Director. I silently lobbied so much and portrayed you as a good boss. I used sad stories of vulnerable women and orphan children and said that you are constantly fighting for them and that you need to be a Director General (Though we know you don’t even allow vulnerable women to take a lift in your Govt provided duty vehicle, even under emergency). They believed my bullshit and promoted you to Director General. Congratulations.

– Double DSAs and other table tours.

You scratching my back:

– Mine is too numerous to list (I have built building in Babesa with the money scratched from NCWC, actually mostly from UN agencies projects money … now they don’t give much projects money to NCWC as they are fed up with me but who cares for them, when I didn’t care for anything, I even attended “unthinkable” July 19 meeting in YDF too).

– 14,000 project lunch bill, I make 1,40,000. Rest in my pocket. But paper works are done so well. Don’t worry. If audits find out, I won’t be in trouble, our innocent junior staffs including support staffs will be in trouble as I made them sign all the paper works. They are all stupid or just too scared of me, as I have your backing, Madam Director General.

– I owned a Tucson. Our NCWC Office duty vehicle happened to be Tucson also. Perfect. So once I changed all the new tyres of NCWC Tucson to my Tucson private Tucson (I took the help of our driver to do the manual work, stupid driver didn’t say a word). Then I sanctioned new tyres for our Office Tucson. I think even you didn’t notice it…hehehehe. I did like that for repairing old office vehicles before. Good business for me.

This is getting long, I will stop here. But in case if ACC or Bhutanomics knows about us, we will issue threats to all our staffs as we always do. They will be shit scared coz most paper works are signed by them … oh wait…unless ACC and Bhutanomics cross-check their assets. Many of them have nothing! You better transfer your assets somewhere. I can do mine to my numerous girlfriends.

Always behind you, corruptly, pretending to be someone on paper (as in our picture here).


Norbu Gyaltshen
Dy. Chief Admin Officer
(& Chief Internal Corruption Officer)
National Commission for Women & Children


>> Contributed by: Vulnerable Women & Children


Bhutanomics note: Phintsho Choeden will be arriving in Denmark on the 7th of March, 2014. She left Bhutan yesterday with Lyonpo Dorji Choden.


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  1. pim pong says:

    Hahaha………… bhutanomics…. good good

  2. This is the reality of our so called top public servants, where are we headed?

  3. Po Dorji says:

    given the opportunity…everyone will do it. I am sure the person who posted this didn’t get his share.

  4. bhutan is run like freaking un by crook n greedy ppl.