Dasho Ace Lives in the Cloud

Ace Kinley

“It will cost the government Nu 15.5M, at the current foreign exchange rate, or USD 250,000 to use the online application for the first year, following which it will cost Nu 9.3M or USD 150,000 annually. The cost is calculated to include 5,000 civil servants, which translates to Nu 1,860 or USD 30 for each civil servant annually.”

– KUENSEL (http://www.kuenselonline.com/going-paper-less-with-google-apps/)

In a nutshell, the government wants to use Google Apps for Business which is made up of various google products most of us use on a daily basis. Top 5 products that make up the Google Apps for Business are:

  • Gmail – Free
  • Google Calendar – Free
  • Google Drive – Free
  • Google Docs – Free
  • Hangouts – Free

When touting this move to sign up with Google, MoIC Secretary Dasho Ace likes to lose his audience by using fancy terms such as “the cloud”, “cyber security”, etc, etc. Given that every product in the Google App is free, I simply don’t see the point. The free version of Gmail gives you 15GB of space. Gmail as a part of Google App gives you 30GB of space. Do you know anyone who has managed to fill up the 15GB of free space in Gmail? Even if you DO somehow fill up 15GB, you can always open a second Gmail account. Free.

And Security? You could be living in Fort Knox but if your password is “abc123” you will still be hacked.

There must be surely better ways of using USD 250,000.

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