Health Minister Tandin Wangchuk Rocks

Health Minister Tandin Wangchuk

Apparently, our health Minister Tandin Wangchuk cannot hide his love for the English rock band from the 60s The Who. At a recent speech during an international health meet in Delhi, our health minister kept on saying “The Who” – many thanks to The Who…., our gratitude to The Who…., The Who provides child health care….



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  1. Uncle Peon says:

    I hope it is not true. If it is true than our elected leaders are becoming a laughing stock. This indirectly making our country a laughing stock. This is a result of unfair rigged election lol..

  2. What does this uneducated Minister know? He is fucking Asshole.

  3. Unkel Pann says:

    lol what a retard … but the powers that be saw fit to land him the role … the shitty dance continues

  4. wamrong warrior says:

    If God did not want us sheared, he would not have made us sheep.