I’m Karma Tshering and I Shut Down Bhutanomics

Tshewang Tashi

The 18 April 2014 issue of KUENSEL has a story titled “Selection process flawed and unfair?”. The story is about corruption in the selection of staff for the office of Business Opportunities and Information Centre (BOIC).

According to the story:

– The person selected for the post of information technology expert was given to someone who had close acquaintance with the centre’s chief executive officer (CEO).

– One applicant, who was selected for the post of PR and Media did not fulfil the five-year work experience requirement.

– The post of CEO was predetermined. Tshewang Tashi, a woman who had applied for the post of CEO, said the recruitment procedures and interviews were “very carelessly done.”

– She said the fact that the agency’s CEO was also the member of economic stimulus plan’s task-force tells of conflict of interest there.


– Karma Tshering is the CEO of this government’s newly established Business Opportunities and Information Centre (BOIC).

– Karma Tshering’s claim to fame is he got Bhutanomics banned in Bhutan. Bhutanomics ran a story about him, about his corrupt practises in Bank of Bhutan (BoB).

– Karma Tshering was the PDP candidate from Tsirang in 2008.

– Karma Tshering is also a member of PDP’s Economic Stimulus Task Force. BOIC was established as a part of the Economic Stimilus Plan.


– Tshewang Tashi who applied for the post of CEO for BOIC was BKP’s North Thimphu candidate in 2013.


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  1. Karma Tshering is growing into a bigger fish now.

  2. thug – that thug- his dad never closed the bills in the restaurants. took all his family several times. City corporatio was tired of paying lunch bills.