A letter to Bhutanomics – my old hilarious friend

Sherab Tenzin

Dear Bhutanomics,

I am writing this to remind you that I am really missing your presence – not because you are too good to be missed but your presence used to bring numerous debatable topics for me. You used to have so much to tell; how some people are making money; how they are serving government; how they are doing business; how they have become millionaire in few days. In some cases you even brought forward personal information of those people and also of few organizations in Bhutan.

Therefore if directly said, I miss those stuffs. But the frequency of your appearance of late seems to have reduced by manifolds. I don’t see you much. And many also don’t speak much of you. What are the reasons? Why can’t you be active just like when you were young, and then keep many people alert with the fear of them getting your black hats?

I still remember you being the center of attention when you were young and small. Some said you were speaking very well. Some said you are wiser beyond your age. Many looked you up as a great writer as well as a great thinker. Some appreciated you for being crazily courageous and then speaking out their minds to reach the ears of our big people.

But those pleasantries must have had short wavelengths; they didn’t last long. You also know it yourself. No sooner had I realized than faggot of eyes were on you. Some people then started saying that you are mentally corrupted – the greatest liar. They were saying that you are speaking just in one direction – biased. I also thought you have gone little far with it.

Politicians also felt bad for you have talked so much of them. But not about all politicians. Government grew suspicious and then other concerns became strategic in debarring you from appearing in the public. They worried a lot that your accessible presence in public would create unjustified winning or losing of the national election. They succeeded. You were locked from cyber space. I felt sorry for you. But these are just social waves. You may be sad for many people speak bad of you but equally there are still many people also speak good of you.

But to be frank I didn’t take everything of you to either of two extremes. I swear. I believed in some of your talks but I didn’t believe in some. In one hand I respected your freedom of speech and freedom of pen but in another I also reserved my duty to judge whatever you have got to say. So in the process of judging whatever you were saying, I remained active. That’s why I am missing you.

Hope you got my ground. If you are guilty of being completely biased, rebellious and corrupted person, I won’t cry in your absence. But if you accept that you have committed inevitable human-mistakes and then will promise to work on improving in them, I would recommend you to be really active in visiting your old friend. Many would also love your presence then.

Thank you very much. And Happy Losar!

Your old friend

Sherab Tenzin

(Sherab blogs at: http://www.sherutenzin.com/)


From Bhutanomics:

Dear Sherab – Happy Losar to you too. We refrained from making a Losar card (with a horse) – we have had enough of being blamed of being PDP. 

Happy Losar to all of our readers. Thank you for your support.

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  1. real bhutanese says:

    this post is so gay…….

  2. Sassy Molasses says:

    i missed you too