Secretary Penden Wangchuk and the Tokay Gecko

Penden Wangchuk

What are the benefits of eating Tokay Gecko? Ask Secretary Penden Wangchuk.

10 Zing Goodpath
This story from 10 Zing Goodpath

10 Zing Goodpath is our ace sleuth reporter. Feared by all, this former freedom fighter, and now crime fighter writes for our weekly column “The Tibetan”.


  1. When he was a Dzongda of S/Jongkhar. glephu Dungpa was the adm officer, as his chamcha in the same dzongkhag

  2. Oh he was one of the culprits.

  3. Now let us see whether rule of law is there in our country or not?????

  4. punish these guys

  5. Hi PDP, where is helicopter?

  6. Pdp r truely leing.