Who Am I?

jGuess who?


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  1. 010

  2. K T Wang says:

    Lyonpo Dick Head

  3. drups UFO…lol..

  4. That’s the Bhutanomics

  5. Come on …. you can come up with something better than this… I am sure a lot of things are happening right under your nose.

  6. pim pong says:

    @KALA, bhutanomics will now not post anything that people desire….. you know the owner of this site right??

  7. Dickhead says:

    This is dickhead of our lyonpos by default.

  8. this is Bhutanomics in its true form, always a prick !

  9. Acho bhutanomics. says:

    Chairman of Bhutanomics