Government and Private Sector Leaders Celebrate

Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BCCI)

Look at the picture above.

Is it a marriage? A celebration of good fortune such as a promotion or a lottery win? No. Wait for this – it’s a crisis meeting!

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Bhutan’s Environmental Disaster

NEC Secretary Ugyen Tshewang

The National Environment Commission (NEC) is a “horse racing” specialist in the RCSC system. Continue Reading

GNH Ambassador For Life?

GNH ambassador Jigme Thinley

PM JYT desires a lifelong ambassador of GNH title and privileges. Anyone who had doubts should read the Times of India article below. Continue Reading

DPT’s Letter to Punatsangchu Hydro Projects

Excavators belonging to DPT MPs


Whom it may concern, especially the one that takes care of transportation.

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Letter From Education Minister to His Daughter

Shakespeare of Bhutan
Dear Kanchee,

How is Sri Lanka when you have plenty of US $ in your pocket?

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