The JYT Factor for Bhutanese Democracy

Jigmi Y Thinley

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Land Prices in Bhutan

His Majesty the King’s Kasho to the Parliamentarians to deliberate prudently on the Land Bill couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment. Land prices in Bhutan are exorbitant, and completely out of reach for most Bhutanese, including myself. I am a 36 year old university grad, working as a civil servant for the last 12 years. I live in a rented apartment in Kawangjangsa with my lovely working wife, and our 2 beautiful daughters.

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Confessions of a Trulku’s Mistress: Lies and Whispers

Sorry to disappoint you if you are reading this. No confessions. But before I proceed to strip our Gurus of all the hypocrisy witnessed in plain sight, I ask for the reader’s forgiveness for my transgressions. I am a devout Buddhist and my intention is not to upset anyone or to appear audacious.

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