16 Reasons To Not Vote For DPT Again

Jigmi Thinley

This is an old article repackaged under a new title.

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Nepal To Ask Bhutan To Take Back Refugees

Bhutan Nepal

Nepal is asking Bhutan to repatriate Bhutanese refugees, who declined third-country resettlements, to amicably resolve the over two-decade long refugees problem.

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Trowa Theatre Case is Policy Corruption: NC

The government leasing out its land to a private individual without a lease agreement is a case of policy corruption, National Council (NC) members said yesterday.

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Phuentsholing Land Controversies

In the wake of recent discussions in the National Assembly (NA) and the National Council (NC) concerning the unpaid lease by owners of Trowa Theatre here in Changiji, the management of the theatre has answered that they are not to be blamed.

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Bhutan: The Lost Shangri-la?

I am a great admirer of Bhutan – for its simplicity, aesthetic sense, its rich traditions and, lately, for initiating and propagating the revolutionary idea of GNH, which has the potential to pave the path to sanity in this world fast hurling towards self destruction. Though we are still a minority, many of us are realizing that the modern world does not have sustainable solutions to any of the crises, which it has created in the last maybe 300 years, through this modern scientific path of ‘development’ it has chosen for itself.

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