OAG’s Gyalpoizhing Opinion Under ACC’s Review


Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) officials said they were reviewing the Attorney General Office’s (OAG) opinion on each of the charges it made against plot allotment committee members in the Gyalpoizhing land case.

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OAG Says No Legal Case: Gyelpozhing Land Case

Bhutan Govt. vs Bhutan Govt.

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) received the “Report on Investigation into Gyelpozhing Plots Allotment, Monggar” on the 31st of August 2012. In keeping with the existing procedure, the OAG is required to study the report and determine whether there is a legal basis for the office to take the matter to court as the prosecutor on behalf of the state.

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Rupee is a Foreign Currency

Indian Rupee

Following a gap of several months, discussions on the issue of Rupee crunch have resurfaced.

Business houses, other commercial entities and financial institutions yesterday met in Thimphu to discuss issues they were facing ever since the Rupee crunch issue that shows no signs of looking up whatsoever.

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Nganglam Land Issues

Nganglam / Rinchenthang, Pemagatshel
The Anti Corruption Commission is investigating conversion of government land into private property, irregular land compensation and inconsistencies in land holdings in Rinchenthang, where more than 400 acres have been identified to establish a town in Nganglam, Pemagatshel.

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ECB’s Social Media Rules Difficult to Implement

Social Media in Bhutan

Local internet service providers (ISPs) say that implementing some of the Election Commission’s (ECB) requirements in its recently released draft social media rules and regulations 2012, will be close to impossible, given the type of equipment required and associated costs.

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