Many Problems in Prime Minister’s Press Release on Gyalpoizhing Land Case

The Prime Minister in a press release defended himself and his ministers on the Gyalpoizhing land grab case which is currently under investigation by the Anti-Corruption Commission. The Bhutanese, however, found that several of the arguments put forward in the press release did not match with the ground reality and the relevant laws. The press release also posted documents which in places contradicted the Prime Minister.

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Gyalpoizhing Land Case – Press Release from Prime Minister

Using highly offensive terms such as scam and land grab, and abusing the tolerance of the government, one journalist, acting as prosecutor, judge and jury, has fabricated the “Gyalpoizhing case” to malign the government. Further, what transpired 10 years ago has nothing to do with the present government. If indeed, Tshogpon Jigme Tshultim had violated laws of the land, he would have suffered for it immediately. Continue Reading