Nganglam Land Issues

Nganglam / Rinchenthang, Pemagatshel
The Anti Corruption Commission is investigating conversion of government land into private property, irregular land compensation and inconsistencies in land holdings in Rinchenthang, where more than 400 acres have been identified to establish a town in Nganglam, Pemagatshel.

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OAG Vs. The Government

Bhutan Govt. vs Bhutan Govt.

With the Anti-Corruption Corruption (ACC) investigations into the Gyalpoizhing land case now with the Office of the Attorney General (OAG), questions are being raised on whether it can, as the advisor and legal representative of the government, also prosecute the government.

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Investigation into Gyelpozhing Township Plots Allotment

Anti Corruption Commission (ACC)

Government acquired 81.98 acres of land from 71 households of Drepong, Wangling, Ngatshang and Saling Gewogs for the Kurichu Hydropower Project (KHP) and the higher secondary school in 1990s.

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Grads Don’t Fall For PM

Jigme Thinley with Chinese ministerA most passionately charged Lyonchhen during the recently concluded National Graduates Orientation Program (NGOP) lambasted the media in relation to news stories on Gyelpozhing, Denchi land cases and the Trowa Theater land case.

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Disgruntlement in the Tourism Industry

Did you see in the news recently about how more than 80 Japanese traveled to Bhutan to thank us for all our good wishes and prayers when disaster struck them? So nice of them, right? In fact, this whole affair was really beautiful. After the Tsunami struck them, His Majesty went to Japan and offered prayers for the victims, and for a speedy recovery. The bereaved Japanese were moved beyond words by this touching Royal gesture. And thus we have this group who traveled all the way to Bhutan to thank us.

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