Corruption: MoFA vs MoF

Daw Penjo

Diplomats in the foreign ministry are grumbling of corruption that is blatant in the Foreign Ministry.Continue Reading

The Truth About Foreign Postings

Ambassador Dawa Penjo
The present government must look into the staffing of all our embassies around the world. Continue Reading

All Those Useless Farm Roads

National Environment Comission of Bhutan

In continuation to the Sleazy Secretary’s story – let us go back to his Serbithang days (and nights) with the construction of the National Biodiversity Centre. He was the Program Director and the Chairman of the Tender Awarding Committee. Continue Reading

RMA – The Garden of Eden

Eden Dema RMAIn the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA), all projects under the ADB and World Bank are handled by Eden Dema as project manager. Eden is also the Deputy Governor of RMA. Continue Reading

A Very Terrible Institute in Samthang

VTI Samthang

1. All the staff have planned to leave Samthang because they are not happy with the principal and Training coordinator Ugyen Dorji because Principal Sangay Wangchuk never appreciate the hard work of staff and Ugyen Dorji is not acting like training coordinator but he acts like a torturing coordinator to the faculties and now we are fate up with these two person in the instituteContinue Reading