11th Plan Bigger Than 10th Plan in Absolute Size

No money

The 11th Plan may be smaller in terms of “investment programmes” but in “absolute size,” it would be bigger than the 10th Plan, Gross National Happiness Commission Secretary Karma Tshiteem said.

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No Network, No Cash

No internet in Jumotshangkha BDB

A week since the incident, Dorji, a 35-year-old local contractor at Jomotshangkha, is still snappish about the Bhutan Development Bank services.

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Rupee is a Foreign Currency

Indian Rupee

Following a gap of several months, discussions on the issue of Rupee crunch have resurfaced.

Business houses, other commercial entities and financial institutions yesterday met in Thimphu to discuss issues they were facing ever since the Rupee crunch issue that shows no signs of looking up whatsoever.

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Fund Crisis May Hit Bhutan Hydro-electric plants

Bank of Bhutan
With inadequate flow of money likely to slow down construction of three major hydro-electric plants India is building in Bhutan, New Delhi is exploring possibilities of raising funds from the capital market for the projects to fulfil its commitment to buy 10,000 MW of power from the Himalayan nation by 2020.

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