Bhutan’s Enigmatic Software Industry

Bhutan Software
Bhutan’s enigmatic software and copper export business that had the government looking askance for years could be headed for a complete meltdown.

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Faster Internet Take a Backseat

Slow internet in Bhutan

Despite the government’s ambition to turn Bhutan into an information technology (IT) hub, a plan to establish a second international connection to the internet has been put on the backburner.

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Bhutan Information, Communications and Media (BICM) Amendment Bill

Computer hacking in bhutan

Protection against impersonation, exploitation of children, violating bodily privacy, and cyber terrorism, among others, have been added into the Bhutan Information, Communications, and Media (BICM) amendment bill, scheduled to be submitted to the first parliament of the next government, next year.

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Bhutan Computer Incidence Response Team

Cyber security in Bhutan

If the Bhutan Information, Communications, and Media (BICM) bill is adopted without any amendments by a new government next year, the Information and Communications Ministry will establish an agency or department to overlook cyber security.

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Who is JigsNews?

The tweets are absurd, hilarious and witty: a complete ROFL. But for those without a sense of humor and especially if the joke is on you, it can get a little over the top, or into your nerves.

Read it to believe it. Here’s a classic sample, to start with.

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