Bhutan Computer Incidence Response Team

Cyber security in Bhutan

If the Bhutan Information, Communications, and Media (BICM) bill is adopted without any amendments by a new government next year, the Information and Communications Ministry will establish an agency or department to overlook cyber security.

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ECB’s Social Media Rules Difficult to Implement

Social Media in Bhutan

Local internet service providers (ISPs) say that implementing some of the Election Commission’s (ECB) requirements in its recently released draft social media rules and regulations 2012, will be close to impossible, given the type of equipment required and associated costs.

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Draft Social Media Policy by Election Commission of Bhutan

Election Commission of Bhutan

Social media will no doubt play a crucial role during the 2013 elections. The Election Commission of Bhutan is working on a social media policy, a draft of which is provided here, for your information, and comments.

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Under The Cover of Anonymity

Anonymous masks

People can choose to vote one way, and say they voted another way, and so it was during the many elections the country has seen so far, that the Bhutanese electorate realised the benefit of being anonymous.

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The Anonymous Bhutanese

Anonymous in Bhutan

When the popular but controversial online forum Bhutan Times (no relation to Bhutan Times newspaper) closed down last year, some predicted the beginning of the end of Internet anonymity here.

What followed seemed to back up this prediction. Bhutanese began passionately debating the tobacco control act on a social media platform, using their own identities and, seemingly, without any fear of retribution.

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