Good Leaders Are Hard To Find

Jigmi Y Thinley

I am amazed by the emotional outbursts of some people when they read articles obviously designed to defame a person and motivated by hatred against, more often than not, the numero uno politician in the country, in this website.

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Jigmi Y Thinley – The Armchair War Hero

Jigmi Y Thinley

My dear countryman, brother and a fellow Palden Drukpa,

Greetings and good health.

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16 Reasons To Not Vote For DPT Again

Jigmi Thinley

This is an old article repackaged under a new title.

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DPT’s Tenure


Balanced view is what is required for our society to progress. It is difficult to please everybody all the time. Now talking about a balanced view let me illustrate the success, failures, disasters, unfriendly policies, etc., of the present government (DPT):Continue Reading

Give Results, Not Promises


More than ever before, elections have become the talk of the town. With endless debates in office and discussion in clubs and gatherings, development agenda has slid down the ladder. Continue Reading