Lyonpo Dorji Choden Wants a Patang?

Lyonpo Dorji Choden

Lyonpo Dorji Choden made the following comments to KUENSEL:

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Royal Address at the Closing of the 10th Session of the First Parliament

Bhutan Parliament

In 2008, we took on the enormous responsibility to usher in a democratic system of governance. It gives me great pleasure today to find us all here five years later, at the final session of the first parliament. Continue Reading

The Village Tshogpa’s Dilemma

village head

Right from the beginning, finding candidates for the Tshogpa post proved a major hurdle in completing the local government establishment.

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The Charming Ban-Ban Game

No smoking in Bhutan

I love bans. They are the most exciting things in our dull, dreary, middle class life. They lend magic and purpose to our existence. As indeed, I guess, they do to those who impose them. Without bans, I suspect our everyday life would lose much of its charm and playfulness. We will never have enough reasons to break the law. We will never pick up the courage to stand up and say: To hell with you; I am not falling in line.

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Land Ceiling in Bhutan

The Land Bill is up for discussions in the parliament in the coming days. On the 15th of June, His Majesty issued a Kasho to the parliament, reminding them on the importance of the Land Bill. The Kasho reminded the parliament to be mindful that no one is exempt from the land ceiling.

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