Bhutanomics is Banned – KUENSEL Interview

Jigme Thinley


The following is the original interview between Bhutanomics and KUENSEL, of which only a tiny bit was used by KUENSEL in their story

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Media Censorship in Bhutan – Bhutanomics is Blocked

Penden Wangchuk, a satirical website has been blocked by Druknet, one of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the country. This was confirmed by a Druknet employee though he and his colleagues did not share who gave the instructions to do so.

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Bhutanomics is Blocked in Bhutan

Bhutanomics banned
Inability to access the Bhutanomics website by Druknet customers, has raised allegations that the internet service provider (ISP) is blocking the website.

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Jigme Tshultim Provided With Heaters in Mongar Court

Speaker Jigme Tshultim

Gyalpoizhing Land Scam Case: Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) officials, on 25th January, brought along a few Drepong villagers as witnesses to validate their charges vis-à-vis the Gyalpoizhing case at the Mongar court.

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PM JYT: Speaker and Home Minister Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

Prime Minister Jigme Y Thinley
Prime Minister Jigme Y Thinley told the people in the East that there are people trying to obstruct the DPT from contesting in the 2013 elections. And that this very group of people own most newspapers. Continue Reading