Urban Voting Centres?

Bhutan vote for election

Fed and starved. What’s the difference? An experiment on Bhutanese media mice.

The Kuensel’s 17/9 editorial says that in the interest of democracy, ECB must listen to government’s recommendation that urban voters should vote in urban centres with special facilities.

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Toll Free Number Woes in Thimphu

Emergency number woes

In Thimphu city, the men in blue generally seem to be all over the place.

They are either walking around, cruising by on white motorcycles or pedalling purposefully on gear bikes or zooming past in the dark grey or dark blue Toyota Hilux, some of which have written across the side, in white, dial 113 toll free.

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A Critical View on GNH

Gross National Happiness (GNH)

The average person on the street and worse the educated of the Business School (Gaeddu College) simply lack any deep understanding of what GNH means. Continue Reading

Under The Cover of Anonymity

Anonymous masks

People can choose to vote one way, and say they voted another way, and so it was during the many elections the country has seen so far, that the Bhutanese electorate realised the benefit of being anonymous.

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Not The Last Shangri-la But We Are Happy

Passu Diary

To Mr. Khaw BoonWan, What did you expect?

This is in reply to National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan of Singapore on his comments made on our country 

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