Who is JigsNews?

The tweets are absurd, hilarious and witty: a complete ROFL. But for those without a sense of humor and especially if the joke is on you, it can get a little over the top, or into your nerves.

Read it to believe it. Here’s a classic sample, to start with.

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Anonymous in Bhutan

Bhutan is a very small country. Living in Bhutan is unlike living anywhere.

My father was a NCO in the Royal Bhutan Army. I used to go to school in the same army truck as the son of the Colonel, my fathers boss. In class, I shared my desk with my best friend whose father was a Dzongda.

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Bhutan: The Lost Shangri-la?

I am a great admirer of Bhutan – for its simplicity, aesthetic sense, its rich traditions and, lately, for initiating and propagating the revolutionary idea of GNH, which has the potential to pave the path to sanity in this world fast hurling towards self destruction. Though we are still a minority, many of us are realizing that the modern world does not have sustainable solutions to any of the crises, which it has created in the last maybe 300 years, through this modern scientific path of ‘development’ it has chosen for itself.

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Land Prices in Bhutan

His Majesty the King’s Kasho to the Parliamentarians to deliberate prudently on the Land Bill couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment. Land prices in Bhutan are exorbitant, and completely out of reach for most Bhutanese, including myself. I am a 36 year old university grad, working as a civil servant for the last 12 years. I live in a rented apartment in Kawangjangsa with my lovely working wife, and our 2 beautiful daughters.

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75 Year Old Impregnates 17 Year Old Student

In what is another story about a young girl robbed of her innocence, a 17-year old girl has been impregnated by a 75-year old man.

The victim, a class VII student of a school in Thimphu dzongkhag is eight and a half months pregnant and is carrying twins.

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