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  • pim pong: Who Am I?
    @KALA, bhutanomics will now not post anything that people desire..... you know the owner of this site right??
  • Kala: Who Am I?
    Come on .... you can come up with something better than this... I am sure a lot of things are happening right under your nose.
  • Tashi: Who Am I?
    That's the Bhutanomics
  • rita: Who Am I?
  • Is it possibil to buy lend in Bhutan as foriner.
  • K T Wang: Who Am I?
    Lyonpo Dick Head
  • 010
  • Please do an article on RICB. Specifically on how the company is able to lend out money despite it being against Bhutan's constitution.
  • Where is Sonam Drukpa ? A person like him should stay behind bar forever.
  • this is the corruption, peoples voice, whether it is true or false. The country says one nation, one people, it seems they have forgot that.
  • Guup Sonam Drukpa is a criminal who should be punished to the fullest extent the Bhutanese laws allow. He is the one who tortured old men and women with no reasons, and raped many women in 90s. I am sure he will not have space even in hell! Goddammm Guup!!!
  • what a corrupt people we have in our beautiful country, we really need to wake up and take serious actions towards these people.
  • This is credible, needs a legal investigation into it... ACC ... r u sleeping?.......
  • How come this group of companies never made a decent donation for social cause.. I am surprised....greed and self centered fellows
  • There is serious dearth of accountability and transparency in our system.we ll never oppose him playing archery but he should b questionable for not attending to his work


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