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  • 亚博体育官网: Nubri and RICB - Cozy Cozy
  • I am a Indian can I buy land in Bhutan? If I can Then what's the process.
  • One plot Land for sale at gelephu town
  • Oh god this kind of ppl exist in Bhutan mo.its really sad to know that people try to defame lama trulku rinpoche by generalising.some people like author just try to instigate and try to drag other people into their ill thoughts.Dont you think its because of them we are living in a heaven with not much calamities we got to wake up if u dont believe in them then you no longer believe in God.In my perspective lama,trulku and rinpoche do seek donations so what for????its for their dratsang to bring up monks hundreds and thousands of monks. who will fullfill their basic needs if lama trulku rinpoche dont work tirelessly. They sacrifice every minutes every second to maintain our culture heritage if they dont put any effort there will be no monastery,temples,dratsang etc we only seek help when we really need them orelse just try to defame,instigate and feel jealous towards their success..So please lets join hands together and eliminate the ill thoughts that will only demerit us. Lama la chabtsuchoe 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • Hey, 41 lacs of interest is not a big corruption case compared to PDP minister and PM colliding with zimdra and making millions in a day.
  • Well I had enough of comments on political party doin that and this... Well we choose them, and when do we choose them? We hardly know them and we are with no option but blindly choose according to others prospective... And here we are ....bla bla bla.... Again and again .. Barking dogs never bite... Act or else shut up and follow others like the tail.
  • Is bhutanomics unbias? If so, why is it dormant for last few years during present term of the govt?
  • Also , according to Benji's late son Freddy's friends , Benji used to discourage and insult Freddy all the time in front of people and called him useless and stuff . Freddy was working as a photographer and I guess was not making much money . No wonder Freddy got depressed . Dealing with our Bhutanese parents with their own crazy sometimes lead people over the cliffs
  • Like Uncle Pann says Benji should keep his mouth shut . Everywhere the lions fight , like a hyena he will reach there barking up behind whoever might give him some left over scrap. First , losing all the money and property given by his then powerful father . Now , just loafing around and jumping all around to stay relevant. The Dorji family especially the Jigme Paldens side except for Dasho Kalden is becoming a joke now . Tsk tsk . Don't like DPT either but at least they don't have hyenas behind them all over . It's irritating :P
  • how is real cry now?
  • Perhaps saying: Kuensel is the medium of Government's regular voice to vulgar public. (here again, vulgar is to mean COMMON instead of immoral)
  • [In my own opinion, the case is not severe and criminal in nature. Everybody wishes to become rich and the Executive Director of RICBL must be wishing to get rich too. If the fund transfer here and there benefits both the companies then I see no reason in accusing Nubri or RICBL. If not for Nubri there would be other company in picture to reap the benefit. Only because the Director has share in Nubri does not make him liable. I have shares in RICBL, now should I not buy insurance from RICBL?] ***that doesn't mean he should be lenient with Nubri and is in favor of Nubri demands. He may legally have shares in Nubri or wherever as he wishes to make extra income. But for what RICBL paying him and giving him the benefits, if at all Director is of good work ethics person, all these shouldn't cross the line of his duty and shouldn't let his position as a Director questioned
  • you think it's not cruel to choke people ? tell me
  • Even after the truth is peeled off and shown to public with date and figure no authorities in Bhutan especially ACC and RAA is starting the investigation. The board is taking advantage of its innocent share holders.
  • Why couldn't they borrow from BOB. Maybe YUDEN DEMA from RMA did not allow that!!!!


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