Bhutanese Media Lacks Professional and Technical Capacity

Lack of professional and technical capacity in Bhutanese media proved to be the key findings of the media baseline study which was launched during the media stakeholder meeting earlier this week in the capital.

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OL Cut Off by Speaker

The Opposition Leader (OL) who planned to ask five questions was cut-off by the Speaker when he was on the verge to start the questions directed toward the Prime Minister.

Of the two questions it was advised by the Speaker Jigmi Tshultim that one did not qualify as per the rules.

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Bhutan Visa Approval and Tashel Recomendation

After speaking with many other tour operators about the Tashel system and the visa approval process, I would like to offer some suggestions on behalf of all of us.

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Land Bill of Bhutan, 2012

The 9th session of the 1st parliament of Bhutan opened on the 8th of June, 2012. This is the second last parliament session for this elected government. The last session, probably to be held in the winter will be mostly be an exchange of pleasantries. If the government has to make a mark, this is probably their last shot.

A host of important issues are up for discussion for this session. Of all the discussions, most Bhutanese will be following the Land Amendment Bill very closely.

The following is a reprint from KUENSEL regarding the proposed land bill 2012. What are your views? How are you going to be affected?

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Confessions of a Trulku’s Mistress: Lies and Whispers

Sorry to disappoint you if you are reading this. No confessions. But before I proceed to strip our Gurus of all the hypocrisy witnessed in plain sight, I ask for the reader’s forgiveness for my transgressions. I am a devout Buddhist and my intention is not to upset anyone or to appear audacious.

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