Master Sonam Kinga

sonam kinga
Another odd student which compels me to review his performance in-spite of his being from Class N(c). Continue Reading

Masters Raydi, Kuenlay, Wangyal and Misses Tashi and Karma

eminent members of national council of Bhutan
Or as we call them in the staff room, “the wise old men”. They are in Class N(c) so let me explain why I am grading their report.

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Master Karma Ura

Karma Ura
He was not from this school. But apparently he has a very powerful uncle who helped secure his seat in our school at the very last minute. Continue Reading

Master Pema Gyamtsho

Pema Gyamtsho
Pema Gyamtsho is the house captain for his house. He is well liked by all the boys but the girls seem a little wary. Seems he has the roving eye (and occasionally, hand.) Continue Reading

Master Karma Rangdol

Karma Rangdol
When I first saw him in class I thought he was supposed to be in the high school nearby. He looked too old. Turns out he’s been around for sometime in the lower classes. Continue Reading