Letter from Ace Kinley and Karma Ura to the PM

GNH Conference
Your gracious Excellency the Honourable Lyonchhen of Bhutanese Democratic Government,

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Tenzing Lamsang can Never be Jigme Y Thinley

Tenzing Lamsang and Jigme Thinley
This site is definitely run by some stupid people and a lot of ngolops must be laughing their asses at us reading about the most stinking shit that goodpath threw on the plates of us – the true Bhutanese. Continue Reading

Letter From President Karma Ura to Prime Minister Jigme Y Thinley

Karma Ura Jigme Y Thinley - GNH
Your Excellence,

I have never disturbed Excellence too much as you are busy as Prime Minister and I am contented to do all the work myself. Continue Reading

Master Karma Ura

Karma Ura
He was not from this school. But apparently he has a very powerful uncle who helped secure his seat in our school at the very last minute. Continue Reading