Namgay Zam Joins Bhutanomics

Namgay Zam

Dear Fuzzy,

I have wanted to call you Fuzzy in your face ever since I saw you quietly practising walking up to the podium to accept red scarf on the eve of National Day in 2011. Fuzzy! Fuzz! Fuzzzzyyyyyyy!!! Yay!!!Continue Reading

Whistles and Bottles

Kings Cup

I thought the recent football incident in Changlimihang (30 July, King’s Cup match between BJMC of Bangladesh and Three star of Nepal) sets Bhutanese football back by ten years! Continue Reading

Bhutanese Films: Interrupted

Gyalsey - the legacy of a Prince

“Gyalsey – The legacy of a Prince”, is in a league of its own. The film is quietly brilliant. My husband summed it up pretty well: Jamyang (actor/director) understands, and has successfully shown us that less is more. Continue Reading

Journalists vs. Filmmakers

Filmmaker threatens Namgay Zam
A local journalist yesterday lodged a complaint with the Journalists’ Association of Bhutan (JAB) against a filmmaker who she alleged threatened her for making critical remarks about his film.

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