Massive Defence for PDP’s Tshering Tobgay

Jigmi Y Thinley
I enjoyed your assessment of the 4 party presidents. For someone with such a modest disclaimer, you write with the flair of a veteran political columnist. Continue Reading

The Great Wall of Bhutanomics

Tshering Tobgay, Jurmi Talisman Chhowing, Tenzin Lamsang

At the outset, please be informed that I am not a member of any political parties. I am truly apolitical and non-partisan. Our Constitution grants the freedom of expression and I believe that the freedom of expression in a democracy must not be aimed at defamation. Rather it should be based on authentic evidences and other prerequisite justifications.

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Give Results, Not Promises


More than ever before, elections have become the talk of the town. With endless debates in office and discussion in clubs and gatherings, development agenda has slid down the ladder. Continue Reading

Opposition Leader Is A “Ngolop” Says PM

Anti-national ngolop
The PM has termed the Opposition Leader a ngolop, more or less. Continue Reading

Opposition’s Statement on Bhutan’s Foreign Policy

Tshering Topgay
UN General Assembly voted (on 18th October) to elect non-permanent members to the UN Security Council. Bhutan, along with Cambodia and South Korea, competed for a single vacancy for the Asia Pacific Group of countries.

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